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The Calling

Day 1,740, 02:39 Published in China Republic of Moldova by MermaidPrincess

Motto: The structure of the heavy chains remain the same between the different antibody structures. However, the light chains differ in structure enabling them to respond differently to different specific antigens introduced

I want to be surrounded by outcasts, outlaws, antisocial, and all people alike me and different from the rest.

For you

So, if you are among the few that do not want to melt in the mass, if you see other options from the generic ones.

If you are you and not an amorphic mass without personality, if you don't fear the threats, the swearing, the uniformity, feel free to comment.

If not.. get lost and get away and remove me from your list!

I prefer honesty and backbone to popularity and biting others to look well for the crowd. I do not esteem opportunist or politician types.

I hope you get the idea



Cronoss Day 1,740, 02:41

Te egy édes : D

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Day 1,740, 02:48

Ahoi marinari !

elbandido Day 1,740, 02:55


alpho Day 1,740, 05:18

I'm an opportunistic and visual creature

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,740, 11:00


LadyArgana Day 1,740, 11:00

Thats my girl 😘😘😘

AlexMCS182 Day 1,740, 11:03

Dropkick Murphys... Listening to them since I am like 12...

Warior's code, time to go...

And here's a link for you :

MermaidPrincess Day 1,740, 11:06

Just those I wanted to have close to me 😉.

FHRITP Day 1,740, 11:08

THIS IS spartaaaaa

Tsigaro Day 1,740, 11:29


Krontzo Day 1,740, 11:36

I'm a being of light!!
> : D <

fedora dlc
fedora dlc Day 1,740, 12:47

printeso ?

MermaidPrincess Day 1,740, 13:10

eu, fedsie 🙂. aici mi-au comentat doar prietenii si asta spune multe 😉.

Panzerkom Day 1,740, 21:58

ah, kids. there's a japanese/chinese phrase for this -- "being in 8th grade" (中二)

anyway, enjoy ur youthful rebellious days as much as u can, cuz one day, u'll get swallowed whole by the machine like everyone else

MermaidPrincess Day 1,741, 03:37

Panzerkom, I am far for being a kid, and definitely I won't let the machine swallow me.

Ciandreiciu Day 1,741, 09:54

ya, right..

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