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The British Army New Avatars !

Day 1,823, 02:35 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Sir Winston S Churchill

Today the British Army unveils it's new set of group avatars

We have 4 new designs to choose from

1. England 2 Scotland 3 Northern Ireland and 4 Wales

Each country has it own flag and national emblem , I hope you agree that look great !

We are looking to have teams in the strikes and having a league table with prizes etc for the winners each week

Strikes Will now be 3 times a week , our last strike we dropped just over 50 million damage in an hour , full details here

Points will be awarded for turning up for the strike , most damage , most kills .

So we need an equal amount on each side this includes if your in division 1,2,3 and 4

We will have leader's of each teams ( temp leader's right now)

Don Dapper England
Ewan Dougall Scotland
William Haskins Northern Ireland
Jimmy Miller Wales

We all hope you enjoy the new avatars ! We have had amazing feedback in the last 2 days and we thank our good friend AdMiRaL TrEnCh for helping us create these.

Right now on the British Army shoutbox you can choose which team you want to sign up for

Avatars will be added to the shout box later today !

The British Army has 191 members, Commander Don Dapper, please check our unit



Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,823, 02:37

Good work ! and more fresh ideas from Don Dapper 🙂

Be the best join the British Army !

cenodekaMKD Day 1,823, 02:39

very nice o7

Tom Hardy 4
Tom Hardy 4 Day 1,823, 02:41


Stef40 Day 1,823, 02:46


Treacherous Day 1,823, 02:49

Nice, I like it! where did you get the union jack background on the avatar?

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 1,823, 03:15

good luck, very nice set of avatars...

William Haskins
William Haskins Day 1,823, 03:20

Great avatars!!

Carnconnor Day 1,823, 04:01

My plan for Scotland to once again, you know its true, rule the Empire is slowly coming to fruition! Muwahah*cough hack*

Aces man
Aces man Day 1,823, 04:22

I like the way they represent each unique nation yet celebrate the union by keeping the union flag around the side.

Good job!

Lady Macbeth II
Lady Macbeth II Day 1,823, 04:36

nice one!
UKPP is getting a new avatar too.

Mary.A Day 1,823, 04:49

Very nice 🙂

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,823, 04:53

Nice new avatars, top work fella's O7

BaskB Day 1,823, 05:11

Good work o/

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Day 1,823, 05:29

Nice one, can I use it even though I'm only New Era, I'm in Liberty MU atm

D0thraki Day 1,823, 05:34

Great idea and the avatars look beautiful, but England have the most population then rest and more likely bigger hitters too. So all i can see is England winning the rewards all the time (I'm English btw) just doesn't seem fair. Unless there is something in place there if limits how many people can join and by lvl.

Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Day 1,823, 05:40

Looking good 😉

Geordie Ripper
Geordie Ripper Day 1,823, 07:49

Nice work. ;0)

howdyho Day 1,823, 10:21

We had de best avitars innits!

Celicen Day 1,823, 11:37

Nice avatars o/

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,823, 11:38

They look great guys, and I love the MU logo itself.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,823, 11:59

Some smart looking avatars, kudos 07

Nkoko N feda
Nkoko N feda Day 1,823, 13:09

o> GLHF!!!!!

Ps.nice avatars...

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,823, 16:00

Nice one. Also, did you mean Don Dapper, Poland?

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,823, 16:09

Great avatars, though Northern Ireland doesn't actually have a flag! I'd be surprised if England lost, London alone has more people than Scotland, or Wales and Northern Ireland combined : P

I've got an image with some potential divisions that might work better, based on RL pop/RL identity:

England is more than 80% of the UK's population, but you might have a better competition using one of those divisions. Enjoy!

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