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The Beginnings of a Race

Day 1,864, 11:19 Published in USA USA by Bacon Empire

With the month's congressional election behind us and an American Freedom Party plurality in congress we may now look to the horizon for the ensuing presidential nomination. With the growing numbers of illegals and multies in the AFA we will surely be forced to return to the Unity System in order to deny yet another Ajay backed PTO attempt. The election is still young, and the platforms of each candidate are still evolving.

The Unity Candidates:


Fingerguns is running on a four point plan. Of her four points, only one has been released, but her other three are on the way. She also plans to, if elected, lead a complete overhaul of the Department of Homeland Security and restructure the government for maximum efficiency. What this restructuring would entail, is yet to be seen.

Her first point is Improved Communication and Cooperation. In her opinion communication is lacking. Not only does the general public have no idea what's going on half of the time, but neither does Congress. She plans to keep party and MU leaders in the loop, as well as the United States Congress and America as a whole. She has stated that congress is being extremely under utilized and, under her direction, congress would be used to the maximum of their potential.

John Jay:
Little is known of John's campaign yet, other then that it will include 4 Vice Presidents. The first two of these to be announced are BigCDizzle and Dr. Luis. The other two have yet to be chosen.

I saved Candor for last, seeing as he quite possibly has the most, unique, ideas of the three unity candidates. He plans to implement a round table of sorts. This table will be comprised of voting members from each political party that wishes to partake, and a series of non-voting members. He plans to allow the Table to vote, and his executive government will purely be there to follow out their orders. He wants each American, legal or not, to have an equal say. This includes those that wish to do us harm. Each sixth party, including those that have been PTO'd, will also have the opportunity to join the Table as a voting member.

Beyond the Unity Candidates, we have a Rogue Candidate.

The Rogue Candidate:

Ronald Gipper Reagan:
Reagan is the party president of the American Freedom Alliance, and has tried to PTO this country many times over. This is his latest attempt. He has decided that his party will support him in this election, without the use of a party primary to see what those true Americans in his party really wants. The Unity system was implemented specifically to keep this man out of office. He will lie cheat and steal to get get into this office. Just remember that RGR is Buddy the Elf's Santa.

More updates on the election as they arrive.
In Dio We Trust


Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,864, 11:32

RGR can not be never "The Rogue Candidate", because he is a candidate the strongest political party in eUSA o.O

ligtreb Day 1,864, 11:33

Voted and subbed.

Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Day 1,864, 11:39

@Sidarta Errrmmmm yeah a party filled with multies and Serbs......

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,864, 11:54


Summerseve Day 1,865, 01:46

Holy crap im 5th... Go Lions

arayiptaulasamadiginnumero Day 1,865, 06:02

Comment deleted

fingerguns Day 1,865, 09:43

Parts 2 and 3 are up now

Thanks for putting this together!

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