The Assassination of the USWP by the Coward dmjohnston

Day 5,416, 14:32 Published in USA USA by Dominar Rygel XVI

It's been a sad few days here in the eUSA. For those who are not aware, the former owner of the Patanok account has left the game due to reasons I won't go in to here. This was the only thing keeping what we are seeing now at bay. Sensing a power vacuum and a chance to carry out something he had apparently been wanting to do for quite some time, unelected USWP member dmjohnston announced an "official merger" between the USWP and Federalists. While USWP wasn't exactly the tiger it once was, it was still most of the time in the Top 5 and getting some Congressmen. Now one of the oldest and most storied parties in eUS history has effectively been destroyed, likely for good.

The goal here is two-fold. USWP in recent times had been generally more sensible than some of the other major parties in the country. By creating this fake merger, unsanctioned by the actual USWP leadership and was initiated by a rogue member, the USWP will fade in to permanently irrelevance. Any influence it had left on the eUS political landscape will be obliterated. On the flip side, the Federalists are likely to realize their 2 1/2 years long goal of taking back the #1 party spot in the US that we worked hard to build over in the WTP.

This is nothing but a dirty trick to both get rid of a party which has now become inconvenient by the standards of the elites, and dmj is pretty much your textbook eRep wiki definition of what an elite is in this game, and bolster the ranks and strength of the Federalists; a party which is the poster-boy for elitism and corruption in the US. This is the party where members of their leadership openly admitted to knowing that Krapis was Gnilraps, and still pushed him in to the Presidency. In fact on eNPR they even joked about it openly on air. It took exposure by yours truly and others to drive that snake out of the public sphere.

All I can do is encourage whatever real members of the USWP that are left in this game to not fall for this ruse by a bad actor whose motivation is advancing an agenda by dealing the death blow to the USWP. WTP now stands alone in terms of our brains not falling out of our heads in this country. We've taken some big blows as of late, between a certain upstart party with obscene amounts of virtual money bribing away members, and now this. We are still standing strong, and we welcome anyone who values truth and honor to join us here.