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The Analyse of Egypt War

Day 1,950, 14:07 Published in Cyprus Turkey by MucahitTogrul

The attack on Egypistan is a "dangerous game" for Cyprus. Bulgaria is the ally of Egypt and they want own all of the teriority. So it means they don't want any opponent in front of them and Bulgarians can attack.
And firstly we must rescue our neutral teriority Northern Cyprus them we must make MPP with Greece, Turkey and Romania if we want to take Egypt and other Middle East teriorities. But there is Orthodox Alliance between Cyprus-Serbia. So it means we can't make a MPP with EDEN forces against a ally of Serbia and maybe Bulgaria will not attack a ally of Serbia and an Orthodox. But everything can happen.

İf we want to make Cyprus an empire we musn't show no mercy İzraelistan. İt will close all of the doors to EDEN but it open a new door. The door of empire. There is a Turkish pro-verb:
- "Lütfen hemen her yeri alalım AMK!"
The way of empire is clean. Our başkan depici starts a air strike project. But we need energy unit a lot.
Cyprus National Guard and other strong Cypriot MU's must organize. They must decide a teriority and "sikert" only here. So MU's doesn't feel free.



LAltes26 Day 1,951, 01:34


RomyGr Day 1,951, 01:57

cCc kipris namus imparatorluğu cCc

MucahitTogrul Day 1,951, 02:07

qıprıs namustur

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 1,951, 06:42


Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,951, 07:11

Bulgaristan makes me wanna puke 🙁

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