The American Military Party

Day 1,285, 14:29 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

I am proud to announce the formation of The American Military Party! As our name suggests, we are a party that believes in a strong military. A fallacy our name implies, however, is that you must be in a military to join us. This is not true! We welcome everyone, JCS military, American Armed Forces, militia, or no group at all!

We formed this party out of frustration. For too long, other political parties have bullied their respective members due to military allegiance. We believe a party should give equal opportunities to all members, regardless of their views. Basically, we won’t screw over our member base.

We’re a party that believes strongly in our members’ enjoyment. Our leadership is constantly talking about different ways to expand, as well as to retain our members’ interests. In fact, our first event is trivia night, and that’s coming this monday! Everyone is invited to hang out in #amp, as we will be having the tournament in there!

This past congressional election, we worked to get an impressive ten party members into congress! I am very proud of our political director, Kria Erikson for all of her hard work!

In addition to that, we are extremely close to a finished constitution, all thanks to our Legal Director, Ian John Locke IV!

Finally, at the head of this journey are Sir Valaro Volcrum, my Chief of Staff, John Jay, his deputy, and I. Because of all of the above amazing people, our party membership has tripled in two weeks, and continues to grow every day.

Want to join the AMP? Want to hang out with awesome people? Want free stuff? Join our party in-game (above), and post here!

AMP Party President