The 14th Congress: How Your Representative Voted

Day 462, 14:25 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress

It's been a major project of the Speaker of the House to keep track of vote records and publish them. On the eve of tomorrow's elections, we are proud to publish the full list of vote totals. You may find that list at this important link;

Here's a bit of key'd information for your benefit:

A blank vote does NOT mean that your Congressional representative did not vote on that proposal. Recording your vote is an out-of-game process. We can't enforce this on Congressional representatives. Regardless, all Congressional representatives know they are SUPPOSED to record their vote and we've done the best we can to accomodate all individuals in this regard.

This is NOT every proposal, but rather the vast majority. Certain meaningless proposals or proposalos that did not go through the proposal procedure were left off for efficiency's purpose.

We hope you take this information into account when you go into the ballot box!


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