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That's It! I've Had Enough! I'm Leaving!

Day 1,817, 08:46 Published in Cyprus Serbia by The Warior of Jochhism

Hello, I am Jochhi.

I joined this game on February. My first few months where pretty lifeless...
I was banned for multies. Then on May, I rejoined, re-added many friends, and continued to play. The more friends I made, the more interested I became. I later officialy founded Jochhism. Then nothing major. Nt long after, I was candidate for president, I came 3rd place but only a few votes from 2nd. Also during this time, I made friends with SOP. I joined Trololo-Guild and I made a large step from somone with no real group, to someone with a new community, a new irc, a new mu, and best of all, new friends! Also, after the founding of Hiedlaism, I managed to find more fun in Jochhism, because we had an opponent. But one day, I decided a wiki page would be great! I sat for 30 minutes making a page for Jochhists of Perfection! It was later deleted, thus triggering the wiki war which causes me to leave the game. Since then, wiki admins have been consistently insulting Jochhism. A being with no soul decided to ban anyone who mentioned me or my religion. I cannot put up with this behavior any longer, therefore, this is my last day of eRepublik.

I would like to thank all people who have respected me in my time here and I wish you all good luck in RL and I hope you stay as good caring people for the rest of your lives!

If I were to list you all, I would be here forever

Thank you,



Tophaneli AlemdaR
Tophaneli AlemdaR Day 1,817, 08:49


Kiochan Day 1,817, 08:50

You're pretty nice!!
Stay here!

H U G O Day 1,817, 08:50

please don't leave.... :'(

EI matador
EI matador Day 1,817, 08:52

wait, wait, did i get this are leaving erepublik because of wiki??

Finway Day 1,817, 08:53


Stay there or I'll find you in Machester, i'll come and i'll rape you with my twat face xdxd

Ujack Day 1,817, 08:53


tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,817, 08:56

Have fun in Real Life

Shoham Israel
Shoham Israel Day 1,817, 08:59


Lady ita
Lady ita Day 1,817, 09:01

Good luck!!

Doctor of Souls
Doctor of Souls Day 1,817, 09:04

o7 see you in better world

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,817, 10:05

huh..... c'mon

BooBShakeR Day 1,817, 10:09

e fala tukididu kaci i to oso !

KitIer Day 1,817, 10:25

hepimiz jukiyiz!

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,817, 10:26

Have fun IRL. But please stay : D

Kaniballos Day 1,817, 10:32

you should stay...

Defactor Is Back
Defactor Is Back Day 1,817, 10:36

knki why are you leavin'?

pampuan reyis
pampuan reyis Day 1,817, 10:58

knki : (((((((((((

Vote Alert
Vote Alert Day 1,817, 11:19


NueveOcho Day 1,817, 11:44

Comment deleted

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,817, 11:52

aww do stay Jochhi

ReMiiX Day 1,817, 11:53

Please, stay in game 😞
Don´t leave!! We love jochh!!!

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,817, 11:56

if you stay i ll join the cult

Defactor Is Back
Defactor Is Back Day 1,817, 12:01


ePocalypse Day 1,817, 12:04

Trololol etc

Marcomannius Day 1,817, 12:06

You don't get it do you, Admins have nothing to do with wiki, your pages were deleted by soul of Jochhi him self! Jochhi deleted every article mentioning him, you or Jochhism. It is just a matter when this bage will disappear! So shhhhhh....

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,817, 12:24


who are you??

killer2001 Day 1,817, 12:26

xdxd ^

Marcomannius is my friend

Marcomannius Day 1,817, 12:38

The Warior of Jochhism, do not talk about things which we are not to speak about. Those things may concern things above concern of average souls... Borte is what brings the essence to the heart of the being, and being is the essence of the heart of the Jochhi... it is not to be mentioned in words that which was meant to be transcendent for supreme.

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,817, 12:41

they insulted me...

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,817, 12:42

that cannot be deneid...

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,817, 12:43

plus i have no idea who yu even are...

killer2001 Day 1,817, 12:44

Marcomannius has great writing skills.....

Alphabethis Day 1,817, 12:58


Marcomannius Day 1,817, 13:05

The Warior of Jochhism, either stop talking about the things not worthy of putting into words and fight the oppression within, or start the oppression within words not worthy fighting about. Either way, leave Jochhi hover above and don't press his will upon those who are below!

invaluable Day 1,817, 14:39


invaluable Day 1,817, 14:39


invaluable Day 1,817, 14:39


invaluable Day 1,817, 14:39


invaluable Day 1,817, 14:39


Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,817, 14:47

Those things may concern things above concern of average souls...


Marcomannius Day 1,817, 14:59

Uber kiko xD think it trough with me: those things..... may concern things... (thate are) above concern(s) of average souls. There 😃

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,817, 15:36

marcomannius you faqed it and it died

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,818, 01:45

I must state that on behalf of the Wiki Admins, (I am one myself). This is highly amusing and I would like to thank this user for his laughable religion and also your friend, which has stated you are suicidal. I hope that you may have a pleasant life and that if you are suicidal over the ban of a wiki account, you have some other issues that need to be corrected or fixed. Ciao!

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,818, 04:25

I hope it's only one of these "rage quit" articles

Marcomannius Day 1,818, 07:18

I actually would liki for him to stay! And why is it a problem for wiki admins to allow this content? It's not like he's doing anything that can harm anyone... or am I under misapprehension?

killer2001 Day 1,818, 07:31

help jochhi stay in this game by filling in this form

menon111 Day 1,818, 07:37

I can't accept Q5 food each Saturday, you see I'm not a Jochist in rl ... otherwise I would have filled in the form.

Georgelakeland Day 1,818, 08:37

send me some of your gold and weapons before you go.

I-G-D Day 1,818, 10:27

Don't leave. : (

xSteviex Day 1,818, 11:24

Jochhi, good luck in RL C:

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