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Thanks for putting your faith in me - I won't let you down

Day 1,953, 06:50 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by FightAndProduce
This is just a quick article to say thanks to all who voted for New Era in the congress elections,but this article is more than just thanking those who got me into congress.I'd like to say that I want to represent everyone in the eUK,not just my own party and parties which I/we affiliate ourselves with.I'll be posting a weekly update on my decisions in congress,so I can keep you guys informed.I encourage all my fellow congress members to do the same,whatever party you are in.I'd like to congratulate everyone who got into congress,and also to those who ran for congress.To all of those who unfortunately did not get in,I hope you get in next month.

Thanks for putting your faith in me,I won't let you down.


myheadstone Day 1,953, 07:33

Congrats i know you will do an excellent job in congress. Everyone in the WRP are delighted on the result.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,953, 08:21

Well done mate, I don't doubt you'll do an excellent job

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,953, 10:39

Congratulation FightAndProduce.

As myheadstone and Dr Hugh has already stated I'm sure you'll do an excellent job. The eUK and WRP are lucky to have you as a member of Congress \o/

North Scale
North Scale Day 1,953, 11:39

I didn't vote your way mate, but I am sure you will do a great job in congress.

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