Thank you to President Dokomo.

Day 755, 13:06 Published in Japan Ireland by Walorm

I write today to explain some things and thank the current President of eJapan, Dokomo.

Many of you Japanese likely know me as a traitor, as the trusted member of our society in Japan who obtained bank passwords and stole the treasury. Previous to now there has not been a good opportunity for me to reveal anything about my motivation for the robbery. Mostly, I knew how it would be received, the robbery polarized the people of Japan. The Japanese people stepped up and pitched in to keep the government operational. For the first time in a long time the Japanese stood unified behind their government. To try telling the people that I stole the treasury to safeguard it from Dokomo and Godzilla/FoH at that time would have been like taking my reputation off the gallows it had just been hung on and sitting it in an electric chair.

Since Minamoto's last term and through President Oraizan's Presidency I had been eJapan's official unofficial Intelligence officer. My duties entailed looking out for threats to eJapan and keeping an ear out for information not available to the public in general. It is obvious that as "Secretary of Foreign Affairs" I had little to do with the running of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was simply a formality to explain my presence in the cabinet. Since Godzilla/FoH arrived in Japan I kept an eye on them, they being a large group of Anti-PEACE players simultaneously moving to a PEACE country. After speaking with contacts from around the world, people in both PEACE intelligence and salty political and military veterans from around the globe the amount of circumstantial evidence suggesting the strong connection between Dokomo, FoH, and Godzilla and eUSA was staggering. It was like having an enormous puzzle all but complete and missing several pieces that were critical to understanding the picture I'd been putting together.

I won't lie to you and say that I knew full well at the time that Dokomo and his friends from Godzilla and the Fires of Heaven boards were a PTO. At the time I lacked the knowledge to say without a doubt if the PTO was to use eJapan as a tool of Eden/Bro and drain it's coffers or if Dokomo genuinely might want to run Japan. I have always been one to prefer conclusive evidence in serious matters rather than relying on rumor or assumption. Obviously, I chose to take the risk I was wrong and steal the treasury. I moved it several times via the monetary market to Orgs I created with the intention of keeping it safe until I could be sure no harm would come to eJapan. I stole the treasury before I believed it might be stolen by others, with the knowledge I could give it back anytime. I still consider myself an eJapanese patriot despite being exiled and blacklisted. Everything negative that has come of stealing the treasury was an expected consequence, a sacrifice I made for Japan's security. Although the admins took the money back and temp-banned be (a punishment that was later overruled in the appeals process) I stand by my actions.

While now I understand that Dokomo and his thugs did not plan to "go nuclear" on Japan immediately after the election, stealing the treasury and wrecking the nation, I believe that something much more sinister was happening the whole time. The following is my interpretation of current events.

President Dokomo has been here for at least several months arriving with the rest of Godzilla/FoH after participating in suiciding North Korea against Russia. A move intended to benefit the USA (of course that has to be a coincidence, right?) in the large-scale PEACE invasion of North America. These days Godzilla essentially runs Japan. Using experience gathered from countering PTOs in North Korea the former North Koreans formed the Godzilla party from the former South Korean National Party. They then began planning vote distribution and winning congress seats to secure a majority (of active congressmen). Campaigning Dokomo for President failed the first time by a small margin as the eJapanese vote just outweighed the North Korean vote. The second time around Dokomo handed out cabinet positions to important non-Godzilla party presidents, securing the vast majority of voters and thus his presidency.

This poses a problem for eJapan. President Dokomo has clear allegiance to his friends from Fires of Heaven, a group that as I said has strong ties to eUSA. Fires of Heaven (aka most of Godzilla party) has the main goal of furthering their own agenda. The question becomes, what is their agenda? In an article released by former Godzilla member Adavek he exposed the Godzilla agenda (great reading for any eJapanese). Godzilla/FoH have many members which advocated not only surrendering Japanese sovereignty but stealing our treasury now and leaving the country forever. I believe the only reason that has not happened already is because Dokomo and some FoH/Godzilla leadership wants to maintain their power in Japan. They want to continue living here, using eJapan as a tool for the USA and their "lulz".

President Dokomo claims to serve the Japanese people. Why then did he sacrifice our sovereignty for an enemy nation? Can Dokomo deny his strong ties to the USA? Can truthfully he deny he looked for every possible excuse to retreat Kyushu? Why now, does Dokomo aid a country that lead an unprovoked invasion of our islands? Finally, is Japan really safe with a man in office who's loyalties don't lie first with the nation he governs?

Thank you Dokomo, your actions allow me to know full well I was just in my attempt to keep the treasury safe from you and your friends in the USA.

People of Japan remember, Godzilla only protects Japan when another monster threatens her territory. When no other monsters are present Godzilla destroys Japan herself.