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Thank you Tennessee!

Day 676, 10:46 Published in USA USA by Bradley Reala
Thank you to Tennessee!

The past few days have been a fun, albeit challenging, experience, and I'm very excited that I get to go represent this great state in Congress. I'll admit, this was not an easy race at all, I had a very worthy opponent, but in the end one of us was not going to go to congress. I'd be lying if I told you all that I wasn't excited to be elected, but I know that election is only the first step. Now comes the actual work, and I promise you all that I will work hard to make you all proud.

A BIG thank you to all my friends!

Before the race I said that I had some help from some people, but I hesitated in naming names for fear of forgetting someone. Now that I've been elected, and I don't have to worry about reelection for a whole month, I'll take my chances and give a few shout outs. A huge thanks to all the following people.

Astra Kat G: Astra has been a huge help, and a great confidence boon through out my election. It was great being able to talk to her and ask questions about congressional workings. Her articles were one of the biggest reasons I even looked into the race (I was seriously considering working on going into the military before reading those). That being said, it wasn't just her articles that helped me in this race. It's always good to have a friend who's supporting you, and Astra was there supporting me every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for more!

Speedcat McNasty: My current employer and a good friend already, Speedcat and I have been working together for a good week and a half now, and he's already been very supportive of whatever ambitions I tangent on. During my time helping with the Resistance Wars in Colombian occupied America, I had to leave with a bit of secrecy. I was only able to tell Speedcat that I was going for official business. That was good enough for him. The fact that we've already got trust built between us will make for a very good experience as I continue to work for him. He's a great employer and a great friend!

Yang Wenli: Firstly,Yang, you ran a great campaign and though you didn't win this month, I expect to see you running again next month. You're an intelligent and driven individual, and if you want an ear in congress, you've got it with me. When I was considering running against you I was impressed by how amicable the race was, and that we could agree to run a friendly race. As my ex-employer, may I say, I was very happy working under you, and it was only because I felt that Speedcat needed my services more that I left. If you ever are in need of a temporary worker, though, you know where to find me.

Joe DaSmoe: Joe was really my first mentor here. I was actually browsing through the top newspapers, saw the Everyday American, and decided to offer my services. I published two articles under him before moving to my own paper. Joe's a great writer, and he knows what he's doing when it comes to this game. If not for Joe, I'd probably have been lost among the two clickers for many more weeks than I was. He did a great job at giving me the knowledge I needed to really succeed in the game.

Daphne Lilac: When I first met Daphne I was just some upstart newbie (I still am) who was searching for a place to shine. Within one conversation with Daphne I managed to impress her so much that she decided to run me for Congress. I'm still scratching my head about that one. 😛 Without Daphne's help I never would've had the chance to run, and I definitely consider her something of a "Den mother" to me. (If ya'll get the "Boy Scouts" reference)

DanielCD: After so many talks with Daniel, I'm sure he's already sick of me. That being said, without him helping coordinate my effort I'd never have even realized Tennessee was a viable place to run. I'm glad he gave me the chance I craved, and I'm indebted to him for his help.

R3dko: This is the last of the Libertarians I'll point out by name. R3 and I's conversations on the Libertarian IRC were instrumental in getting me (and keeping me) interested in the IRC. His graphic design skills were also great in getting a banner and getting an ad running for me. He was a great help to me, so Libs, in the future, talk to R3!

The Libertarians: After going through the three biggest helps to me in the Libertarian party, I realize that I obviously wouldn't have been here if it weren't for all the Libertarians. I owe you guys big time. Thank you all!

Melvin Jollensen: Melvin has been a good friend of mine for a long time, and I owe him for the support he gave me in running this race. I know if I ever need anything, I can go to him and at the very least he'll hear me out.

Aaron McNabb: Well, what do I say here? After all these years you're still right there, by my side. I guess I'm doing something right.

These are just a few of the people who influenced me and helped me run for office, and there are so many who really helped me in one way or another that I couldn't possibly list them all.

Once again, a huge thanks to all those who made this campaign possible. Now it's time for me to get to work.


Melvin Jollenson
Melvin Jollenson Day 676, 10:47


Serendipitous Day 676, 10:54

I'm hurt that you forgot me. 😛

Aaron McNab
Aaron McNab Day 676, 11:11

Go Bradley, and you're more than welcome, its been great to know you for so long. Who'd have thought it after our start.

Best of luck mate, do yourself proud!

Will Walton
Will Walton Day 676, 11:15

I got you two votes 😃

Indrae Day 676, 11:24

Congrats man 🙂

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 676, 13:12

Oh my gosh, Bradley won! Oh no, Yang didn't win! ... But oh my gosh, Bradley won! THANK GOD. Now I won't be alone in whip-ish activities like getting people to do stuff, lol. Congratulations, Bradley! Have fun with the insanity that is the 22nd Congress so far (and it's only been one day! Lol). 😃

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