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Thailand Have Been Double Robbed !!!

Day 1,062, 02:41 Published in Thailand Thailand by bunairi

Dear all citizens of eThailand,

PTO have been messing around eThailand from month to month. But, this time we are not only take over but also eThailand have been robbed.

If you see here in Central Bank of eThailand, there is no any money left if our national bank. Where is all our THB and GOLD Gone !??

I think this two person who have the key to that organization stole the money for their own interest:
1. Albert Neurath, Former president and MoFA of eThailand. He had run away to New Zealand.
2. Thingol, former president and old politician of eThailand. He had also run away to New Zealand.

Those two persons must be responsible and give back our money to citizens of eThailand!!!

(Proud Citizen of eThailand)


bunairi Day 1,062, 03:06

Shame on Albert and Thingol!!

wikana Day 1,062, 03:12


ParadoxGentleman Day 1,062, 04:07

Shame on Albert and Thingol!!

Abrusssi1 Day 1,062, 05:19

Shame on Albert and Thingol!! x3

fikrimalouda Day 1,062, 05:50

Shame on Albert and Thingol!! x4

Thingol Day 1,062, 06:41

Comment deleted

EXert Teren
EXert Teren Day 1,062, 08:23

Shame on Albert !

Kovacevic Radovan
Kovacevic Radovan Day 1,062, 11:16

In my whole e-life I didn't met no one RL thai men or women at eThai, and I think that sotry about TO is stupid.
Everybody is struggle for power only because THEY want to steal from country account.
Win at elections means, I have more multi accounts than you.That everybody know.

Kovacevic Radovan
Kovacevic Radovan Day 1,062, 11:18

and I olmoust forgot:
Shame on Albert !

Guayre II
Guayre II Day 1,062, 12:11

I trust in Albert.

Guayre II
Guayre II Day 1,062, 12:14

Thailand hasnt citizens, are all Indonesians and Serbs killing a country of a game

Sir Hypnotoad
Sir Hypnotoad Day 1,062, 15:08

I've known Albert and Thingol for over a year. They wouldn't do this.

Shame on whatever pig scum stole from Thailand.

Ifke Day 1,062, 17:48

Shame on Albert and Thingol!! x5

Papatsiri Day 1,063, 02:12


krungthep Day 1,063, 06:17

+1 Nicholas2000

Thingol Day 1,063, 15:56

Please stop with these accusations. I have not had access to the Central Bank since February!!!

Andriy Laguna
Andriy Laguna Day 1,063, 19:03

Do some croats have the access too?
Since i saw many of them here too...numerous

Albert Neurath
Albert Neurath Day 1,063, 22:19

I haven't been able to open up the Central Bank since March.

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,064, 07:10

Hamilton and AlbertN are A SAME PERSON!!! For HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO REPEAT THIS?!?!?!

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,064, 07:11

Shame on Albert and Thingol!! x10

Thingol Day 1,064, 13:34

Marlock, shut up. You have stolen nearly as much as Luthfisnet.

Thailand Embassy
Thailand Embassy Day 1,064, 22:13

Marlock is a thief and a liar.

Central Bank of Thailand
Central Bank of Thailand Day 1,066, 02:20

Enough with the lies!
AlbertN and Jeff Hamilton accounts are run by a same person.
The money from the Central Bank has been stolen. Look for AlbertN orgs. Look where he is now. Look what he is doing.

eThailand has been uterly destroyed and betrayed by this SINGLE INDIVIDUAL.

Thailand Luxuries
Thailand Luxuries Day 1,066, 11:41

Who is writing this from the Central Bank of Thailand account?

Albert Neurath
Albert Neurath Day 1,066, 13:32

The fact that somebody's saying that from the stolen Central Bank really underscores how stupid they are.

Marlock's people stole the Central Bank.

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