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Texas is free

Day 2,060, 06:08 Published in USA USA by Fjolnir Skjoldmathur

We achieved great victory today.

We began to fight and see the Serbian Empire collapse under our righteousness.

We fought for freedom, and in Texas - we achieved it!

Through blood, sweat and tears - we tear Texas off the Serbs and took it back to our rightful arms.

Today - feast and be happy, for Texas is free.

Now, our forces march to Jackson, Mississippi - for glory!

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maximum Security
maximum Security Day 2,060, 08:44


Cyber Army Hero
Cyber Army Hero Day 2,060, 11:03


Katawata Day 2,060, 17:15

Still a lot of country to liberate

Fjolnir Skjoldmathur
Fjolnir Skjoldmathur Day 2,062, 06:20


Stari Borac
Stari Borac Day 2,061, 00:24

You occupied Texas again but no worries, we'll liberate it again.

Fjolnir Skjoldmathur
Fjolnir Skjoldmathur Day 2,062, 06:20

Yes, Slav. You did.

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