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TCO recruting new members

Day 1,653, 03:00 Published in USA Bosnia and Herzegovina by Metalni2

Hello friend's. Today as title is already showing is about our recruitment. TCO is new MU made from older unit that was active in v1. So me and our commadant also my RL friend jasko_dbr decided to make it work again. Fresh start,but now we work with eBabies only (form level 1 to level 25). We organize actions trough week for our MU members and supply them with weapons (q6) and food (q3) to fight in designated battle. Also we offer them help in further advance trough game with many tips and trick that can help new player. To join TCO just pm me or jasko_dbr,complete 10 kills to become full member of MU,wear avatar and work in our factory's. Also from today our MU will coordinate DO with USA MoD.

So new player's if you need MU, want to have good time, develop in game come and join TCO or visit us on TCO.MU channel on Rizon. For avatar,job or any other quastion feel free to pm me.



ClioPilot Day 1,653, 06:31


jasko_dbr Day 1,653, 10:01

Hail TCO

4ao 4ao
4ao 4ao Day 1,653, 11:29

vote 216

Vilar47 Day 1,653, 14:04


Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,654, 03:00

There already is a TCO MU in Canada, has been for years "The Crimson Order"

Metalni2 Day 1,654, 04:03

this is the chosen ones not crimison order

Metalni2 Day 1,654, 04:09

And the chosen ones millitary unit has been here since v1.

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