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Day 1,646, 00:29 Published in USA Bosnia and Herzegovina by Metalni2

Hello friends.Todays article is about recruitment in our MU.TCO is new MU which started to work 2 days ago.jasko_dbr is leader of MU and I am his deputy.We are ready to accept new members from level 1 to 25.Everybody is welcome.Here is a link to our MU
All members are obligated to work in our company's,wear uniform (avatar).For that all members will have weapons and food to fight in organised actions.We have our own channel on rizon (#TCO.MU).We also offer help in development and further advance of younger members and we have daily order always set on time trough all day.

For any quastions feel free to pm me or jasko_dbr.If you want to join us pm me for avatars and job.So come and visit us you won't be dissapointed.
Vote and shout this article.TCO recruting
Thank you. 😃



V.Antonov Day 1,646, 00:36

A proposal [en/es/sr/tr/bg/gr/cn]

kenangomutan jr
kenangomutan jr Day 1,646, 00:46


Biba Internacionale
Biba Internacionale Day 1,646, 01:55

podrska druze metalni!

Metalni2 Day 1,646, 01:57

Hvala 😃

Simonymous Day 1,646, 03:18

There's already "TCO" ...

Metalni2 Day 1,646, 03:25

Was before

Code-Y Day 1,646, 03:59

Not too well written. After a period, there's a space.

Metalni2 Day 1,646, 14:28

Grammar nazi

Nosyt Day 1,646, 20:09


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