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TC is for ME

Day 1,847, 15:08 Published in USA USA by Samoht Resyk

Why Should I Join TC?

For the Supplies of course

And the cookies

The TC Supply system has had an OverHaul

And now I will share with you what that means.

Before we handed out supplies as we saw fit. It was based a few things but there was no set amounts that we would hand out.

Now you can know how many supplies you are going to eat.

Our new Supply system is based on four different aspects.
The first two are based on how much time you have invested in eRepublik.
The second two are based on how much time you invest into the United States Training Corps.

You are reward a point for every level with a possibility of 16 points.

1. IN-Game Rank

Your in-game rank goes from recruit (Day 1 of eRepublik) through God of War***
Level 1 (0-Recruit through 13-Sergeant**😉
Level 2 (14-Lieutenant through 21-Captain**😉
Level 3 (22-Major through 25-Major**😉
Level 4 (26-Commander or Above)

2. IN-Game Strength

This is key when you are fighting. The stronger you are, the more damage you will do.
Level 1 (0-749)
Level 2 (750-1499)
Level 3 (1500-2499)
Level 4 (2500 and Above)

3. Time in TC

The longer you are with us the more you will get.
Level 1 (1-8 Days)
Level 2 (9-13 Days)
Level 3 (14-20 Days)
Level 4 (21 Days or More)

4. TC Rank

Your TC Rank is based on performance. The more active you are the faster you will climb through the ranks.
Level 1 (Recruit of 1st Division or Private (PVT) of 2nd Division)
Level 2 (Private First Class (PFC) or Corporal (CPL))
Level 3 (Sergeant (SGT) or Sergeant First Class (SFC))
Level 4 (Master Sergeant (MSG) or higher)

The new system has four supply levels:

Level 1
Recruit/trainee (1-5 Points)
A level one Recruit/trainee may receive up to 50 Q5 Food and 5 Q6 Tanks

Level 2
Troop (6-9 Points)
A Level Two Troop may receive up to 100 Q5 Food and 10 Q6 Tanks

Level 3
Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) (10-15 Points)
A Level Three NCO may receive up to 150 Q5 Food and 15 Q6 Tanks

Level 4
TC Officer (16 Points)
A Level Four TC Officer may receive up to 300 Q5 Food and 30 Q6 Tanks

Now if you are active on IRC you can get even more supplies!!!

Each day we will have a word of the day. If you get on IRC and get the word you will get 50 more Q5 Food and 5 more Q6 Tanks!!!

Also if you are on IRC you can get even more supplies. I will do random checks and if you respond you may get more Tanks!!!

So come join us.

If you are not a member of the United States Training Corps can apply here
And make sure mark on your application that you heard about USTC from Sam I am!

Apply for your supplies here

Now we do have a warning:

If you are not following order, you will NOT get supplies. So make sure you are reading the orders and following them.

As with the old system you will need to remember that:
"Sam wrote:
I fill Supply Requests through out the day every expect Saturday. Like when the children of Israel were in the wilderness you will need to get a double portion on Friday if your request is made before 1400hrs eRep time.

*Bible Reference
If for some reason you are not able to get your supply request in by that time on Friday I normally get to request Sunday Morning. If you need supplies before then you will have to ask a Senior Officer on IRC.

That's all for today folks!!!

Sam I Am, Signing Off



Tiacha Day 1,847, 17:51

TC is sexy

Barracuda1 Day 1,848, 07:12

Great! V+S

Malovent Day 1,848, 09:40

Wondermous! Voted, already subscribed

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,848, 15:02

TC is the best.

Temiser Day 1,848, 15:08

TC rules.

pasha marco
pasha marco Day 1,848, 15:10

Türkiye Cumhuriyet rules.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,848, 15:12

Voted, good article 😃

Ruthain Day 1,848, 16:11

Pretty good supplies there keep up the good work TC o7

Infinite One
Infinite One Day 1,848, 16:43

Yeah I think more people will be getting on IRC now.

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,849, 04:12

"Before we handed out supplies as we saw fit. It was based a few things but there was no set amounts that we would hand out."

Actually... not sure how long you've been QMing, but supplies USED to be handed out based on people's max fights. But whatever...

Samoht Resyk
Samoht Resyk Day 1,849, 07:17

Part of the "as we saw fit" Hawkie.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,849, 12:52

Hey Sam, you might want to put this in the "First Steps" section so the newbs find it easier.

alcarvalho55 Day 1,850, 06:45

Very well

Gannonus Day 1,850, 16:25

Uncle Sam wants you!

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,852, 08:15


kitmen Day 1,853, 12:48

Bleh, Cookies. Hand out pie!

Nfin Day 1,858, 08:38

good article! Go TC!

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