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Taoiseach Day 932

Day 932, 13:14 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead
Comments on articles

Mr Gingle did a great article the other day about comments in articles. Just wanted to share my own thoughts on this. When you release political articles you get three kinds of comments. First your friends say “Great Article”, some times I am not sure they even read the article. Next your political opponents find one thing they disagree with and complain about it. These comments are as predictable as the first and I pay little mind to them. The third type of person that comments is the rarest. They are the ones who call a spade a spade. They tell you are shit when you screw up, but give you praise when you do something right. The comments from these people are the ones I always read, and consider. I have always had a high amount of respect for Kavo for this reason. He did not like one of my minister appointments and was disappointed in the MM / bond performance and let me know it in the last week. In the past he has told me my articles are boring and too long. I remember his comments and take them on board because he also praises me sometimes. Two days ago he commented that my article “was the best that I have wrote so far” So I got a lot of work to do on this one to top that. My point on comments is find the people who tell you straight what they think and use this information to improve your self. So thanks Kavo and all the other citizens who call a spade a spade.

Question Time

I answer a lot of PM’s from citizens that have questions and will continue to do that. But in an effort to make our government more transparent and public I will be on the IRC every Sunday night between 10:00 and 10:30pm Irish time to answer any questions citizens have. Will stick around a little longer if there are a lot. If it turns out that there are a few good questions, I will ask MoI to do an article listing questions and responses, for anyone who can not attend.

You Tube Baby Boom Video

Last updated I mentioned an idea that was given to my by Dylan. To create an eIrish promotional video and try to get it in the top play list for Ireland to help create a baby boom. CelticTiger had already started this. His video still needs a bit of work, but he has a lot of talent in this area and I am sure the finial product will be great. He has requested citizens to watch his promotional video and give him some constructive feedback. Please take a look at it and write a pm directly to celtictiger. The next task will be to get video about 25K views, will cross that bridge next. Great job celtictiger.

Cabinet Updates

The government will need more diamonds in two weeks for gift company in MoH. If you are an Irish citizen and own a diamond company place a bid with MoH on Irish national forum.

The Minister of education wrote a great article yesterday. He is looking for mentors and anyone who wants to help write how to guides for the libary. If you would like to help please contact glen or write to the university of Ireland org. Keep up the good work

Ambassadors / Foreign Affairs
John Smith released an article on the status of our ambassadors yesterday. I would encourage all citizens to consider becoming an ambassador. We currently only have 23 positions filled. We would also like to know who speaks another language fluently other then French or Irish. Please drop John a PM and let him know.

Minister of industry
Please consider helping out the Irish government to replenish our gun stocks. It would be vital if we go to war to have an adequate strategic reserve. If your skill set is not listed please send OJ or PIP a pm and they will find a place for you.

Minister of information
Please add minister of information org to your friends list. This is a new org due to last one being lost when a minister stoped playing game. We are attempting to get all irish citizen to be members to facilitate communication though shouts.Add minister of information to your friends list

Minister of Community
Great to see the community awards back

The Dail this week

The Dail decided to continue the hospital building program. Pip and OJ will keep that company supplied and financed. When the Dail decides where to put the current one in reserve it will be done.

The Dail voted to sign an MPP with Romania yesterday. War games with Romania should start soon.

Bosnia and Croatia are organising the new Training War between them. The first war kicked off tonight. We are automaticly in this TW because of our MPP with Croatia.

Congress approved a tank fund this week. The org will be set up by this weekend and I will update citizens to its location if anyone would like to donate.

Links (will work on getting better links)

Irish forum
National Newspaper
Add minister of information to your friends list




CelticTiger211 Day 932, 13:24

Nice update, I was wondering what exactly the Library was.
I'm guessing it's a nations source of guides?
Note to anybody commenting, you can be as critical as you like, I don't butthurt easily 😉

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 932, 13:30

I like that you are updating us on what the ministers are doing as well as what you are doing. If someone has not friended a Ministry ( do it people ) they may miss an update.

Dylanb9216 Day 932, 13:36

We need to get a list of links to govt. orgs to be put into every govt. article, I know we used to have one but we need a new one..

Good updates

JohnSmith 2K9
JohnSmith 2K9 Day 932, 15:10


moomoohead Day 932, 15:22

Ivan is working on updating links on bottom of articles

addman619 Day 932, 15:32

Brilliant video!! Glad I voted Moo now 😛

Mr Ginge
Mr Ginge Day 932, 16:03

Thanks for the mention MooMoo.
Nice update, Glad to see what Ministers are getting up to.

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 932, 16:43

Boring and too long! 😉

btw, can you put in the most recent MoNC article?

Sean Power
Sean Power Day 932, 18:06

1. Great article,
2. trying to get ambassadors to every country is overly ambitious with our activity rates
3. ..... cool pictures 🙂

Edana Savage
Edana Savage Day 932, 20:05

Nice work, Boss! 🙂 o7

Heindrich Gruber
Heindrich Gruber Day 932, 21:36

Good article.
~As my two favorite countries that I wanted are free, I have applied for either of them as my other ambassadorships.

patton Day 932, 22:42

Off to a fast start Moo. Im sure everyone will fondly remember your presidency if you keep up the good work.

I know Im ancient 🙂 but Im sure me and the other old farts still cringe a little when we hear Ireland and Romania spoken together. Im glad were finally formalizing friendly relations with them

Only thing I would like is war with UK !!

Citizen woods
Citizen woods Day 934, 09:51

great article.
qucik and to the point,

thanks for the updates on the mistry and what WE can do to halp..
i have a warm happy feeling about this goverment, thats new:L lol

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