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Tales from Belgium - Out of the retirement home

Day 1,854, 13:26 Published in United Kingdom Switzerland by Dan/naD Wilshire

Out of the Belgian retirement home


The Introduction

Today’s interview is from a man who has been around since 2008, highly decorated with 23 congress medals and 3 County president medals. The one, the only, Konrad

Question Time

Dan: So how did you come to find eRepublik?

Konrad: I was playing a different game called Cybernations. I was in the Wolfpack alliance and in their forums, one of the players advertised it and I joined it.

Dan: So in which country did you start this game?

Konrad: I stared in the US. While I really wanted to be eGerman on day one, back then the application process is a lot more complex since I joined the game when it was in the beta stage. (Real beta, not the V2 beta). So the application asked me for my contact information and since I am an American, it forced me to be eAmerican 😛

Dan: How long were you in the eUSA before you fulfilled your dream of becoming eGerman?

Konrad: Well, I stayed in the eUS for about half a year. I was not too active in politics. I am the kind of player that is more active than a 2-clicker but not a political elite. It was the Third Swedish Invasion of eGermany that motivated me to move there. eGermany was a trial member of ATLANTIS but Sweden and Poland due to domestic reasons refused to grant Germany full membership and lead an invasion against Germany. I was really outraged about it and the lack of backbone of then US president Scrabman. The invasion was quick and Germany was defeated quickly and so I moved to the UK for a few months. When PEACE liberated Germany, I moved to Germany due to the invitation of German President Gobba and my friend, MortenLond.

Dan: What was it like living in eGermany? What did you get up to there? and how long was it before you went on the move again?

Konrad: I really like Germany. It became my Heimat (homeland). Since I was really well liked by the political elites of eGermany (due to my support and propaganda during the war in eUK), I've gain political power almost overnight. Within a months’ time, I was the PP of Open Minded Germany, which was the largest party in Germany at the time, and a MoFA position within 2 month. I was also CP of Germany for two consecutive terms in my 4th-5th month in Germany. I lived in eGermany for over a year before I moved again.

Dan: So after gaining a lot of political experience in eGermany, where did you end up next on your journey through the eWorld?

Konrad: UNL/eNL. It was the time when UNL was in the act of separation and I was on the Dutch side.

Dan: So after moving between UNL and eGermany, why did you end up in Belgium?

Konrad: I was ambassador to eBE for many months and I know them well. A few eBE friends of mine like Prophexy, Critically, Mittekemuis and others invited me and I was like sure, why not.

Dan: So what did you get up to in eBelgium the first time?

Konrad: I did the congress and minister thing. During that time eBe was in the civil war stage and I was on the Shadowist side since my party supports the ideal of limited government.

Dan: How did the Civil war in Belgium come about? and who won?

Konrad: It is hard to say. There is a clash of ideology. The old guard wants things their way and the new players do not want the old guard to control them. There was a huge clash of ideology and nothing more. It is hard to say who win. MaryamQ calmed things down when she was CP. Overall, the civil war died down on its own with both sides getting something they want out of it.

Dan: Bruno said that MaryamQ was an incredible CP. Do you agree with this?

Konrad: I have to say yes, since Bruno is my eGrandpa and MaryamQ is my eMom. If I say no, I will not have supper tonight.

Dan: So what did she does as CP that was so good?

Konrad: Her ability to listen to both sides and mediate. While she has her biases and world views, she was able to work with both sides in an objective manner which helps in the defusing of the conflict.

Dan: You left eBelgium for eGermany. Why was that?

Konrad: I moved before MaryamQ was CP and I was tired of the civil war. Also I missed eGermany and so I went back.

Dan: After another stretch in eGermany you decided to move to eBelgium for a second time. What did you do this time round in eBelgium?

Konrad: During that time I was going through a really tough time in real life and I got really close with MaryamQ. She really helped me with a lot of stuff and so I moved back. eBE is not like most other countries. eBe is more like a local pub and I needed a small and intimate setting. Also Critically, was there and I want to get eMarried with him. 😛

Dan: So what was it about Critically that made you want to eMarry him?

Konrad: He is nice and it does not cost me 100 gold. NLSP tried to rip me off when he said he is worth 100 gold for marriage.

Dan: You are still very close with the eBelgian community. Do you think that the younger generation coming through will help eBelgium have a successful future?

Konrad: If they can contain the Libertad and Global Communist Army Front. eBe is continually under a PTO threat. People like Vincent Pain and Lin0leum is a threat to eBE. They tried many times to PTO eBE and to destroy the system. Players like Shadow who is anti-establishment often sides with Vincent Pain just to piss off some people in the community. eBe has the means to do well (in a community sense) but there are always a few trouble makers making it a challenge.

But what is a given is that the PTO threat of Vincent Pain and Lin0leum must be dealt with. Libertad and the eLeft must know that Vincent Pain is a not a real communist but a greedy individual who wants to PTO other countries. I am pleased that some in PCP who knows the true nature of Vincent Pain and I think the PCP, KPeD, and other leftist should pay more attention to his as a threat and to confront him on the Belgian issue.

Dan: What do you think of the current eUK government and the eUK in general?

Konrad: I do not really pay much attention to eUK politics anymore. I always to like eUK as I was one of the authors of the Frankfurt Treaty back in the day. But when in doubt, vote TUP!!! Unity through strength and it is always time for Woldytime. TUP!!!!!!

Dan: For a closing statement would you like to add anything else about yourself or your eFriends and eFamily?

Konrad: Well thanks for your time to do an interview with me. It is rare that someone to ask me to do an interview and I really enjoyed it. I want to thank the reader’s interest and time and thanks to all of my eFriends and eFamily for a wonderful narrative in my eLife. I do hope that the alliance system will change one day and that eGermany and eUK will be good mates again like the days when I was CP of Germany. VOTE TUP!!!!

Dan: Thank you Konrad for your time. I hope you have fun in your retirement home 😉

Final Note

Sorry for the delay in bringing the article out but school always seems to get in the way. My next article will be out on Saturday.

Till next time o7



Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,854, 13:30

Great interview, as per usual : )

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,854, 13:51

Thanks for the interview, I really enjoyed doing it 😁

lancer450 Day 1,854, 13:52

Voted. : )

mittekemuis Day 1,855, 01:39

Hey Konrad if I was to invite you to the UK would you bring back Germany with you?
This man was one of my first MoFa mentors, nothing but respect!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,855, 09:00


Rican Day 1,855, 09:00


Sedem.dva Day 1,855, 12:13


Critically Day 1,855, 13:27

I love my eHubby !! he's just wonderful !!

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,855, 13:28

the 'TUP' part ruined the whole art.

Kaad Day 1,881, 12:00

Voted! Fail PTO^^

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