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Tada! The Long-Awaited IWP Platform

Day 569, 17:15 Published in India India by Mr. Smo

In this article I will state India's Workers Party position's on all of the issues facing eIndia right now. Some stances will be ones that would effect possible situations that may come in the future.

Our Strongest Belief: This political party was created for one reason and one reason only: to better eIndia's future for the well being of all eIndian's living in RL India and abroad.

Infrastructure: As of today, eIndia possesses one Q5 hospital and no defensive system. India's Workers Party believes that this can be taken to the next level. It is not necessary to have a second Q5 hospital, for we already have one. As for the defensive system, I am not sure if the current administration has embarked on building one or not, but it is a must to get one for the capital. eIndia is located in a region of constant warfare. As this country progresses, we will need to expand the power of our military. Having strong borders to protect the citizens from unwanted occupiers, is essential to increasing the power of eIndia.

Minimum Wage: It is great to make a lot of money, but not when that money isn't worth its potential. The current minimum wage for this country is 4 INR. I believe it will strengthen the economy if this is moved back down to 1 IDR. Right now, the current administration has just attempted to lower the minimum wage back down to 1 INR. Judging its current status, this bill will probably pass.

Citizen Fee: The citizen fee right now is 10 IDR. The party believes this should be lowered to five IDR. This is also being changed right now in congress, so it probably won't be an issue of the future.

Income Taxes: Due to eIndia's current economic state, income taxes should be used to influence where jobs should be created. They should also be kept under 10% until the economy grows. As jobs begin to balance out, in terms of numbers, so should the income tax. The income tax should be leveled out to 10% in all lines of work once there are a balanced number of workers in each field. This will attempt to keep workers where they are and show no direct support towards one line of work. If the military grows to much larger numbers, the party believes the income tax should be raised to 20% to support the military. This is because eIndia is located in an area of much conflict. It may be a while before raising the income tax to 20% though.

Import Taxes: As many of you know, these taxes should be used to protect domestic businesses. Currently, eIndia does not have any regions of high raw materials. This means companies are either buying them form foreign markets or buying them from exporters. Until companies here at home can compete in the free market, the party suggests these taxes be kept high on all products eIndia already has.

VAT: The party believes that theses added taxes should be kept low, to help businesses. Even in the future, we believe these rates should always be kept at a minimum to help businesses.

Foreign Affairs: eIndia is obviously not a super power of the eworld. Therefore, it should remain as a neutral state until it has retaken all of it's regions. Once eIndia retakes all of it's occupied regions, and has the power to put up a decent fight against most neighboring nation, it can then become a serious member of an alliance. Until then, it doesn't have the power to be a true member of an alliance.

War Games: These pretend wars should be used to boost the productivity of the workers. They should be managed by a well organized military, so that if a real attack comes, the bulk of the population can be dispatched to the real wars. We should always pay our fare share of the cost to fight in these war games.

PTO Situations: If an impending take over attack comes to our ecountry, the party will follow these steps. If a candidate from a foreign nation tries to get elected as party president, we will immediately contact the eUS Airborne. We cannot underestimate the amount of voters they might bring. Otherwise, if a foreign PTO attempt comes during the presidential elections or congressional elections, the PP can easily endorse a different candidate.

That’s all of the topics I can think of. If you want to know what our stance is on an issue I forgot, just post a comment or PM me and I will add it to the platform.



Jelly9473 Day 569, 17:47

I'm confused a little about why you are writing this, with (party) presidential elections coming soon how can you be sure that the elected will carry all of this out unless you have some overlying control over whoever you support.

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 569, 18:10

BECAUSE I AM PRADEEP PICASSO PURANAM!!!!!!! Na jk. I will be helping out Pradeep Picasso Puranam with the party and making sure he follows this.

Jelly9473 Day 569, 20:17

hahahaha, so your president without being president?

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 569, 21:09

you know it

shail.back Day 569, 23:50

lolz...u say you are here to help India...& you dont even know that salary here is paid in INR..its our currency not IDR..
Seems like either you are too much influenced by indonesia or not paying any attention to India
@everyone..think again before joining...they are being lead by person..who doesnt even know about our currency name...

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 570, 00:10

lol shail, i was also thinking of the same thing IDR.......

And because of the above reasons and the inefficiency of the current party administration, I have announced my intentions to lead the party effectively.

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 570, 00:36

Mr Smo is now known as Mr NO

Cant believe you dont even know the Indian currencey and continue to talk crap.

You just posted saying if we get PTO we need to call in america, yet read your other article posted same day you say that america are desperate and need our vote.

Which one is it Mr No? are america voting for us or the other way around? very poor.

Oh and just to remind you as pointed out IDR = NOT INDIAN MONEY

shail.back Day 570, 00:41

Can i give negative vote....🙂 poor work SMO...i expected something better..all you have written is policies of Indian government..

shail.back Day 570, 00:46

You say you wil make sure pradeep follow this...Is he a puppet??? Or you just pretend to be democratic..
Take a example from INDIA UNITED..i have been PP & not even for once forced by anyone to do this or that..we discuss things..and arrive on utual agreement with majority...
This is Democracy...
You just making peoples follow your orders...

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 570, 01:16

I fully agree with shail and also that every thing you have written as plans of your party are the cureent policies of the Indian Government.
Nothing is new or unique.

Zeeshan Arif
Zeeshan Arif Day 570, 07:46


u wanna be an eIndian politician learn that first !!

shail.back Day 570, 08:06

SMO you edited it but not all its still IDR at one place...

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 570, 08:07

I am really getting sick of all of this crap you guys are giving me. I am sorry I mixed up the IDR with the INR. I avoiusly didn't mean to do that. As for all of your complaints to me about everything. What I find even more offensive than the content of your messages, is that it is all indirect. If you have a problem with me or something I said, please PM me directly.

Why I posted an article about a PTO attempt in eUS right after stating that eIndia is weak against PTO's was because the eUS can use all of the support it can get. I also wrote in that article that you don't have to go vote there, I was just raising awareness.

BTW, I am not the only american here. I am here for multiple reasons in which I have explained over and over. I find that I am a scapegoat for your pleasure. If you are doing this just to get me annoyed, then you are doing a great job. If you are doing this to get rid of me, you haven't even come close to doing that.

You will be seeing a lot more of me eInida, so get used to it.

Smelly Guy
Smelly Guy Day 570, 12:12

go smo. yaaah.

good platform.

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 571, 09:24

This is enough. now we know what your intentions are really like.

Betha Day 571, 10:42

Mr.Smo, we dont give you shit, we give you a wake up call that your way of thinking is not welcome in India, just leave and go bug some other country ^^

Indian Government Bank
Indian Government Bank Day 572, 03:27

Mr. SMO one fact... ..You are only American here...Rest all consider themselves eIndian first...As they are here for eIndia only....see David, Brood, & all others...always here for INDIA..n calling themselves eINDIAN, not a UK , or other country citizens...

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