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Day 1,991, 22:20 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by James Warren

I just created my very own newspaper, sadly, I’m unable to choose a direction for this gig. I decided with all my grand knowledge of the universe and how it operates, that I would tap into a useful resource; the community. So there you have it, I’d enjoy hearing everyone’s input on their bright ideas and what my newspaper should be based upon. I’m more than positive you all are very intelligent people who could aide me in my dilemma.

Thank you in advance for those who comment,
[input signature]James Warren[/input signature]



myheadstone Day 1,991, 22:38

First you should tell us about why you are still here playing Erepublik and the good and bad things you notice about this.

James Warren
James Warren Day 1,992, 00:47

That would be ideal for a first article and since I already created my first one, I'll be sure to try to do that for my second one! Thanks for your input.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,992, 01:01

Voted, Best of luck with your newspaper, James \o/

I'd also recommend an article alongside myheadstone's suggestion.

Jamie2721 Day 1,992, 01:41

Great to see you started your newspaper 🙂

The WRP give you the gold to start your own so sent 🙂

Hope to see more, subscribed

Alphabethis Day 1,992, 02:03

subscribed, it's free.

Alphabethis Day 1,992, 02:03

and voted, free too.

Alphabethis Day 1,992, 02:05

anyone talking about ham (or its tastier relative iberic pork leg) is welcome here.

32Blocks Day 1,992, 04:47

Subbed and voted, i did it for the ham! lol

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