Support for the Journalist Module!

Day 4,127, 12:15 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Mael Dunbar
Dear eCitizens of the eWorld

Some of you may remember me from the Old Days, when the eUNL was still a thing, or from after we said our goodbyes to our Belgian friends.

After a deep slumber I awoke from a coma in this New World, with weird aerial battles, boosters, military divisions and the like.

Coming from the Old Republic, it is nice to see that the developers have created a more diverse military module, expanded the economy and in general improved the game. I can't say it looks easier for new players, though, but I guess eRepublic has never been an easy game to learn.

Trying to read up on events and developments I came across the ingame forum and stumbled on a topic I think a lot of you may find interesting. It's a thought for implementing news as a full module (like politics, military, economy,...), a Journalist Module.

Please take the time to read this and show your support for it on the forum, in an article or any other way you feel is good.
As a long-time supporter of eRepublik Journalism I was very thrilled about the idea, and I can only hope the rest of eRepublic will be too.

Thanks a lot for your support!

I added to politics because of lack of a more relevant option.

Mael Dunbar