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Sun, Sand, and a SAW

Day 1,907, 08:30 Published in USA USA by Der Kojote

When I rejoined eRupublik I decided that my best way to repay my nearly 4 year debt of inactivity to the country was to again charge off into the wonder that was military service. I proudly scarfed down enough bread to feed the population of Pre-French Revolution France, and marched off to combat with a few SAWs.

Tempted by the prospect of rescuing PSY and a cute Asian girl friend, I followed orders and hit the ground running in Taiwan. Where my first impression upon seeing the massive Vulcan cannons staring off against me, while all I had was a measly automatic, "Christ I came woefully unprepared."

Still though even with all the fighting, South Korea remains in Taiwanese hands, Japan I think has made progress I think. I lament though, the ultimate resource, PSY, who's magical ability to hold modern culture hostage to Kpop is still in enemy hands...



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