Summarizing our CP Candidates

Day 1,806, 17:14 Published in Canada Canada by Auk Rest

It's CP election season again Canada, which means we get to listen to a bunch of people ask us for our vote, but what do you -really- know about any of the people running for CP this November?

1) ElPatoDiablo

Unless you're living under a rock, you would know ElPatoDiablo is our current president running for reelection. I'm not going to review ElPato's term right here, but this candidate should be fairly simple. EPD isn't running a vocal campaign but instead is running for reelection based on continuing to lead us in our current entanglement with Poland. Despite us not having a Congress, ElPato has decided to keep the prior term Congressmen as advisors.

2) Rylde

Rylde's announcement for his plans on running for CP were quite unexpected. Nevertheless, Rylde is jumping straight back into the thick of things after a period of relative inactivity. Rylde promises to correct what he sees as mistakes in his first two terms. If elected, Rylde will finally get what he wanted before, complete dictatorship. Without a Congress, Rylde's decisions become law and there is no counterweight to him. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you to decide.

3) Jefflav

Jefflav is running for CP this month as a member of the UPC. Some have expressed skepticism over his run and the nature of how he entered the race rather unseriously. However, Jefflav does seem committed to do what he can if he is elected. But you have to question whether or not Jefflav could do a better job than ElPatoDiablo or Rylde, and that is the fundamental challenge for his campaign.

4) Frank139

Frank139 is another member of the UPC who has launched a run for CP. As of the time of this writing, Frank has not released any articles specifying his plan for eCanada, and precious few tidbits of information about Frank are well known. At this point good chances are, if you know him, you may consider voting him, but the problem is that nobody does know Frank.

5) Mystery Candidate

At the time of this writing I have heard Clan Wolf wishes to run one of their own for CP. Whoever this mysterious person may be, I will be happy to update when they put up a campaign article.

6) lcamero

Per his request I have added lcamero to the list. If you want lulz, then perhaps lcamero is your man, otherwise, the avatar speaks for itself.


This election will be an important one for eCanada. With no Congress, whoever is elected will be able to rule with an iron fist, and will be left to the task of recovering the rest of Canada's regions and will have to continue to search for Canada's place in foreign affairs.

And as a reminder to all CPF members out there, we will start holding the Primary beginning later in the day on the 1st, which will run for 24 hours and end on the 2nd with the official announcement and endorsement of the Party.


-Auk Rest