Suggestions I Have for the Game From an Old Player

Day 3,839, 17:20 Published in USA USA by logamac

Hello I’m back to complain about this game once again because before it was quite funny to see this game die but now it’s just sad. In this article I am going to give suggestions with a reason why because my life is not busy enough.

Reset the economy system and revert it back to the old version.

Like I said in the article I made before, this game is like a communist simulator game where everyone owns a company. This might sound like utopia but every company has one worker and a lack of enthusiasm. I am surprised things get produced anymore. If the economic system was reverted back to when not everyone owned a company and people actually worked then it would make the game more enjoyable and there would be a sense of achievement. This would also be a great way for the game to make money as well because people will buy gold to buy companies so I don’t know why you don’t do this.

Instead of voting the congress in as a group vote them in for individual states.

This might be something to do if the community returns to its former glory (wishful thinking) the congress should also revert to the old version of congress because it encourages people to spread out of the capital because everyone just stays in the capital. It will also encourage candidates to make their own articles and beef out the community a bit more.

Add more military battle types so they’re not the same thing.

I saw that the air force was added which made me excited I’m not going to lie but like this game is obviously an expert in it disappointed me. We need something other than the current system of battles and I thought this at the beginning, which did not attract me to the military aspect of the game whatsoever. All you are doing is press a button and getting a higher number than the opponent, which is completely boring. I actually had fun with the old map style battles, which is what I think the game, should do and the game should also add naval battles and air battles. The navy should be built by the nation like in real life and navies should be there to stop sea invasions and air battles should be used to gain air supremacy so there can be an advantage in battle, which could tip the battle from one side to another. This game needs more strategy in its military and I believe this is the right way to do it.

Add the ability for a nation to add military units as national ones.

All the military units are like mercenary group which is fine because there are mercenary groups but there should also be an option to connect a military unit to the government so there is more of an official feeling about it and also some game mechanics connected to them. That’s all I can say about this one.

Add different ideologies.

The dictator system is not really satisfactory enough because there are still elections in the country where there is a dictatorship. Every nation should have the option to have election or whether they want to state control all their companies. This will add a new reason to declare war on each other because it will start ideology wars. I wrote a whole article on this topic years ago when this game was still alive I’ll link it below.

Add a constitution system.

The constitution is a main part of the nation as a whole as it sets out what you can and cannot do, so why doesn’t it exist? Add a game mechanic where you can add the type of powers each minister has and what powers the president has. There are other things you can add to this which can make every country unique in their own way if it is done correctly. It can also create debates in the communities of each nation as different views collide or certain groups want to take over national governments for personal control.

In conclusion, this game needs substance if it wants to survive and I really do believe that a game like this can be revived if it’s done well but I have a feeling I will just be disappointed like always.

These are all the suggestions I have for this game if you have anymore then just put it in the comment I always reply to interesting comments.