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Such Sweet Suffering joacopincha

Day 1,665, 21:07 Published in Australia Australia by Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen

So I logged on, I fought, I sneezed, I dropped 1mil... hardly enough for a BH.... anyway then I got this message.

joacopincha to Larni Kaddlestorm | one hour ago
Hello bro,i am fighting for your country, ask you please, do not take the BH from me, I do not have a lot of force and spend several bars of energy to damage. Thank you.
Regards joacopincha

Ok fine, whatever... its only a mil why you crying? I didn't fight again, I had already maxed out, plus a sneeze against the Kiwi onslaught.... I go away for an few hours and returns to find.... I won 4g for a BH \o/ yay me! snuck in a cheap BH. Oh I have messages... so I check...

joacopincha to Larni Kaddlestorm | 22 minutes ago
sabes que pedazo de garca , nunca mas pienso pegar por tu pais de mierda! ahora voy a pegar por los otros!

Hmm ok sure.... whatever. I might as well translate it to see what he's going on about now...

you know that piece of Garcia, but I never stick to your (censored) country! I am going to stick by each other!

Whoa ok firstly, I know google translate isn't idea but... he does seem a little upset not that I have any idea what he was actually saying... oh look another message...

joacopincha to Larni Kaddlestorm | 12 minutes ago
Voy a pegar 6 millones de daño en contra de tu pais , solo para que la gente como vos aprenda a valorar el daño de los aliados!

hmm... ok so yeah... guess I better translate see what he says:

I'm going to hit 6 million damage against your country, just so people like you learn to value the damage of the Allies!

Ok so... then I thought I really should replay in a message and decided that I should just publish an article instead.

Here it goes:

Dear Mr joacopincha,

I am aware that you have no comprehension who I am so let me introduce myself, I was a Dropbear, I am a card carrying member of ST6 I am a 2x CP of eAus as well as other shiney names and titles.

I truly apoligise for sneezing and ruining your chance at a BH medal but you have to understand that I didn't even break a sweat and routinely break the mil mark.

If you feel the need to drop 6mil against my homeland I strongly suggest you check with your masters first. It would be a shame for an arrogant little crybaby who couldn't even manage a mil in damage to be the cause for an international incident.

Mr joacopincha, I do not appreciate threats against my homeland nor the offensive language used in your message to me. If you had done your research you would have been told to sit in the corner and shut your mouth. I am not the person you want to provoke or threaten in anyway.

I trust we have an understanding and hope that you will see the light and continue to fight for the correct side of the battle. Any action against eAus because of losing a BH medal is unacceptable and met with dire consequences.




Miss Wolf
Miss Wolf Day 1,665, 22:50

Poor kid, he doesn't know with whom he messes.

Imoenbg1 Day 1,665, 23:02

Jeez Larni is in my division...Oh crap 🙂

You tell this kiddo Larni 🙂

Sam Cougar
Sam Cougar Day 1,666, 00:40

lmao 1M and hes crying bout it @_@ damn Larni you so so mean taking the poor little ones BH = P
Some peeps just realy dont get it , fancy asking someone from a specific country to hold fire and let their country swayne under oppressive outside pressure from a Huge eSerb force and their allies. We the courageous fighters of Aus will NEVER hold fire when protecting our home borders , even if some noob wants a piffy shiny medal of pixels !

major ahole
major ahole Day 1,666, 03:38

Sam, and Larni though i agree that we should never hold fire when our country is at stake and nor do i think that abusing someone for "sneezing" and totally out gunning this player is acceptable. I would like to point out how hard it is for newer players to get those shiny pixels and the associated gold. It might be hard for you guys to remember what it was like.

Under the new module however this may be placated.

Dartreal Day 1,666, 03:51


starscreamzz Day 1,666, 04:19

Love ya work Larni. Two thumbs up.

LanyIsLost Day 1,666, 05:38

yeah, we all know that without the allies eAustralia would be permanently wiped, but don't ask someone from their own country to hold fire, that's just ridiculous.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,666, 09:16

The mental image is a Gollum-like creature, holding something round and precious.

Binda33 Day 1,667, 06:40


Sam Cougar
Sam Cougar Day 1,667, 15:15

lmao TJ

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,667, 18:20

/me fires Larni out of a cannon at the mean & nasty cry babies

Borkoloco Day 1,667, 20:02

LMAO!!! V!!!

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