Successful Teams

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Have a Strong Leader:
A strong leader in a team is essential as it gives the whole team direction and focus. A strong leader will know when to give praise to the team but also know when to bring the team into line with a firm hand. A strong leader will make sure the team as a whole is healthy and not let individuals dominate the team.

Have a Clear and Shared Goal:
A Team needs a goal be it to start a company or to rule the world. With out a clear goal and one that is shared by the whole team the team will have no focus and will wander aimlessly.

Have a Clear Plan:
Actions is what gets things done. A successful team must also define what actions they need to take to reach their goal. They must also make sure the actions have timeframes to make sure they are delivered.

Actions are assigned to people within the team to play to their strengths:
We all have talents and people have talents in different areas. I successful team knows the talents of it’s members and where possible assigns the actions to the people with the skills that will compliment that action naturally.

Are Supportive of New Ideas:
The world is always changing, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. A successful team must be always reinventing itself and looking for more opportunities be it new markets for business or new skills to be able to deliver more effective results.

People and Team are Rewarded for performance:
Many teams reward people but a lot of the time it can easily be the people who look like they are doing the work or the friend of the leader who get rewarded. A successful team rewards on performance that is tangibly linked to the actions taken by the People and the Team to reach the overall goal.

Know their own strengths and weaknesses:
You must know your own strengths so as to make the most of them and showcase them to win new business or to drive morale by allowing people to play to their strengths. You must know your weaknesses so you do not set yourself up to fail sometimes it is best to outsource what you are trying to achieve to another team to get the best results. Also knowing your weaknesses allows you to put in strategies such as training or hiring new people to fill those gaps.

Have regular reporting at both Team member and Team level to monitor progress:.
I can not stress this enough, make sure you have reporting at all levels. Make sure all team members are reporting regularly to the leader on the status of their tasks and any roadblocks they are facing. Make sure the leader is communicating to the team members on current overall team performance and also on expectations of what is to be delivered.

If you want to know more about any of these subjects please message me and I will write a more detailed article on that area.