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Successful Elections | eSA Safe

Day 1,821, 14:16 Published in South Africa Belgium by OKayOK

Thank you everyone for being ready to act during the Party Presidential elections. It seems we are safe and that the many unknown candidates are not PTO'ers but rather simply unknown.

This bides well for eSA, and we can go forward, more assured that we can continue to grow as a country without interruption.



kuckuck Day 1,821, 14:50


sikor3k Day 1,821, 15:04

v + s 🙂

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,821, 15:35


AdUnit Day 1,821, 16:03

Someone let me know where my vote is needed cuz my candidate is a lock.

Merle Corey
Merle Corey Day 1,821, 17:50

Rouge candidates are red. I presume that you mean "rogue" candidates.

PseudoPumpkin Day 1,821, 18:41


OKayOK Day 1,821, 19:48

Nah, they red 😛


LiquidIce Day 1,821, 20:15

Copy that! Voted...

Tariq TNT
Tariq TNT Day 1,821, 20:31

Something like this was inevitable. I stayed for months in eSA and I knew that it would happen at anytime; if not tomorrow, then the day after and if not the day after then probably next month. The best thing in eSA is that citizens are aware all the time even-though its tempting to just cover our eyes and live under the protection of our ally eBrazil.

Well done is what I have to say; long live eSouth Africa!

Wacky368 Day 1,821, 21:39


Had3z Day 1,821, 22:10

I approve of this message 😃

Stephan IV
Stephan IV Day 1,821, 22:15

Thanks for letting us know

Zansi Day 1,821, 22:48

Check the eSA Election Centre before voting. See where your vote is needed, vote for Official candidates, and don't vote for Blacklisted candidates.

Vanessa1309 Day 1,821, 22:52


BataIjun Day 1,822, 00:11

voted, let me know if you'll need a vote against these PTOers

Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Day 1,822, 03:42

Ministry of Security... like a boss!!!

BataIjun Day 1,823, 23:26

Joined Rise and voted Doreenmurray, now back to shadows, lol...

mthakathi Day 1,823, 23:35

pay us to vote

FdmScorp Day 1,823, 03:08

Precisa de votos / assinaturas em seu jornal? Use:

Need votes or subs or FB likes ? order them here:

100 % legal

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,823, 06:56

Is Joseph Rich pTOer?

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,823, 12:16

Thanks for keeping an eye on things Mark. Good thing we never had to intervene.

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