Day 5,074, 14:04 Published in USA USA by Herr Vootsman

From the Desk of Herr Vootsman, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Our majestic operation with our allies was a great success. We sent AS on Croatia and made them spent 4 EBs (WOW!), helping our Serbian allies face Croatia later in a day, thus postponing wipe for couple hours from Arabia. Long live Asteria! 🇺🇸

I recently received confirmations from Air Force One that our withdrawl operation was a complete success.

Earlier this week, the coalition forces of Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Moldova began an operation to remove Cyprus and Nigeria from Arabia.

After easily achieving these objectives, the decision was made to wind down our troops levels, rather than continue with a prolonged and costly occupation. Many of our allies simply flew home on their own, some hitched rides home with Greece and Montenegro, while Bulgaria apparently brought along boats and sailed to Iran.

However, as Serbia had parachueted to their target, USA offered to help with their return flight.

Under the cover of darkness, American forces flew to Arabia and successfully loaded all allied forces and equipment, before flying back home.

Long live Asteria!