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Day 2,044, 18:11 Published in USA USA by BritSeelowe

Hello, my brothers and sisters in arms. Grab your TV and radios! Tis me, Belgrade Basia to assure you that your mothers, wives, girlfriends, brothers, and husbands are fine while you are away. A call out to Javor and Nada Petrovic! I have a message from your Baka! Let me read it for you!

"Dear Children,

We read of your honors and are so proud. We need to reassure you that we are most fine while you are away. I was worried that the farm would be too much for your Majka and Deda. You will be most pleased to know that the nice boys down the lane have come over often. Remember them? Pavie and Petar? They offered many times and were finally able to plow your Majka’s fields. In fact, they advised to plow her fields twice, so your Majka was pleased to accept. I was concerned that your Majka would miss the help your dear aging Otac gives her, but Majka says that it has been years since her field was so thoroughly plowed. See how happy she looks!

Your sister Senka has quickly married to a Hungarian man named Bence. Now that the Hungarians are helpful to you in this war, we feel that you would approve of Bence. Maybe he does seem to have the demeanor of a walking corpse, Hungary is now family. Senka says that her married life is not quite as exciting as Budapest on a Monday night, but she is still a new bride. It will be better when the baby comes.

Your little brother Damitar was most excited to go to eTexas, Thailand to complete his studies. He applied to be a student of a new oil owner there. He will have his room and board paid by his new oil owner. Damitar says that the oil will be most important in his education to be a hospitality host. His new mentor has given him a make-over and a new car! I think his new mentor even has a job lined up for him in Taiwan. He says that he will meet many business men in Taiwan. Is that not marvelous?

With all of you fighting overseas, the Montenegro Mafia now runs Belgrade. No worries though. With Montenegro such good allies, we are sure you will be able to get good jobs with Mayor Darco Saric’s government.

Deda has spent all his time at the rakia stills since you are gone. He rolls in before dawn. I suspect he has been sampling the rakia to excess. We may need to cancel Christmas this year. Maybe you could ask your Polish friends if they will share their wodka so Christmas will be possible.

The United Kingdom has nothing of merit to offer. We all know that they ride our coat tails to get their colonies back.

So do not worry, children. All is fine while you are gone overseas.

Your loving Baka"

Of course, Javor and Nada, I am happy to bring you all this good news from home. I am so sure that the news will only get better the longer you are in eUSA.

Belgrade Basia signing off!



MaestroAkel Day 2,044, 18:14

1st bc i love wimenz

Deepchill Day 2,044, 18:17

Great stuff.

irule777 Day 2,044, 18:24

I loved that

Ludonarr Day 2,044, 18:36

Voted for thoroughly plowed fields!

Unimaginative1 Day 2,044, 20:21

Voted for the UK jest!

weasel2 Day 2,044, 20:40

2 x Great stuff.

Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Day 2,044, 21:50

v, WW I and WW II reference is awesome

weasel2 Day 2,044, 23:49

Comment deleted

SuperSumo Day 2,045, 01:47

Great! Too bad most people here are too young to get it.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,045, 02:54


Delyruin Day 2,045, 04:46

This is pretty good.

MartianMan Day 2,045, 13:36

Brilliant. This might be the best article I've ever seen (OK, OK, I'm not that old).

Jasher Day 2,045, 19:37


BritSeelowe Day 2,046, 18:07

I'm getting my dancing shoes!

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