Squabbling Amongst Yourselves.

Day 611, 12:44 Published in Canada Canada by Cesar Augustus

It is a sad day for eCanada when you people argue amonst yourself. It is almost funny even watching in my perspective as you tear yourselves apart from the inside. You argue over useless topics and battles each trying to "one up the other" on the political scale while your homes and buildings burn around you. Peace surronds Ontario. If I were you I would be working on getting ready a large defence not arguing over lost battles and regions that were gone days before.

It is not hard to see your defeat coming.. espically at such a pace as this in times like this you argue and fight amongst one another. Your just asking to be wiped off the map. Perhaps some France or Hungary will do you the honour of ending this.

On a sad side not this war has proved one thing to the eyes of the world and that is Canada is no more then a puppet state to the United States of America. You get drawn into a world conflict, why? Because instead of joining Peace when you could you stuck with one country instead of many and look what happened? The USA left you alone to fight as soon as they started getting attacked leaving Canada all on it's own.

Well the picture is quite clear. Unless Canada smartens up which I doubt will happen unless they join Peace they are doomed to be left with little or no regions.

Proving points for over a year 🙂

Cesar Augustus