Day 5,947, 05:14 Published in Croatia United Arab Emirates by Inyouranger Donotsin


When you see a little frog logo on your food package, be aware that it signifies "edible" insects had been used in preparation of the product. This is not proper food by any means. Throw that shit to the chicken.

The frog logo represents Rainforest Alliance, an international NGO aka globalist tool used for promoting satanic goals.

You will eat ze bugz and be happy, little bitch - as that cute gentleman Klaus Schwab promised to the humanity. Rainforest Alliance CEO is a Young Leader as well. No surprises here.

Insect based food can be commonly found in large supermarket chains, especially German owned brands like Lidl.

"Fact checkers" claim that Rainforest Alliance certification is all about pesticides, low wages exploitation, child labor and fair trade. Conveniently, they fail to mention some other activities by Rainforest Alliance:

Rainforest Alliance, has embarked on a programme of popularizing insect rearing as a new lifeline and source of income among youth and women in Embu and Kirinyaga Counties in Kenya.

The NGO’s Mt. Kenya Sustainable Landscape and Livelihood Programme official Susan Kinyua said edible insect farming especially of crickets and black soldier flies was a rapidly growing enterprise providing income, affordable protein for human and animal feeds as well as a means of environmental conservation.

It is obvious what is going on here.

Be kind to yourself. Eat healthy. Do not eat bugs. Leave them to the woke compliant imbeciles, Young Leaders and their spawn.