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South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari Members and New Players, Listen Up!

Day 1,907, 20:27 Published in USA USA by USMarineCorps

South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari Members - Its time for a new look -
Your party is great, but you need some good edits to it! First, you will have a new citizen running for president! Tiberius Eastmarch will be running and he IS moving in the right direction. Your party will hopefully get a new better look to the New World! He will reform it into a major party that will have many members in the congress. We need to stop AFA and get some new better parties. South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari will be more respected and much improved if you guys go with the switch. Tiberius Eastmarch nows what hes doing and will lead your party into the congress, and you maybe even will have a president one day. That may be a while a way and you'll need a lot more members but you can get them with a new and improved party president! If your a new eCitizen and looking for a new party, but not one of those HUGE ones, then join South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari and vote Tiberius Eastmarch for president!

This will be a new start for South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari, and it will take time, but the results will pay off and you will become much better! You will get a new name change as well, to Sons of Liberty. To find out more go to Tiberius Eastmarch's newspaper, S.O.L.

Go Tiberius Eastmarch! Vote him for president of your party!


Please sub and vote! Thanks



USMarineCorps Day 1,907, 20:30

There will be more articles to come~So listen up if your a member of that party!

Tiberius Eastmarch
Tiberius Eastmarch Day 1,907, 20:33

Special thanks to USMarineCorps for writing this article.

USMarineCorps Day 1,908, 23:02

No Problem. If you are a member of this party, spread the word, you will have a new president of your party soon. Vote Tiberius Eastmarch for your party president.

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