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SoS Brigade [Party President Candidate]

Day 1,787, 23:13 Published in Japan Austria by Oraizan

I have waited a month to find who would support the revival of SOS, and now the time has begun. I will be running under the people’s party, if elected PP I will be turning it into the SOS Brigade, holding to most of the old manifesto. The changes will only be due to SOS being outdated, and from v1.

More details can be found bellow about what the party will stand for, as some of you will not remember the party.

The name: SOS Brigade
Meaning, “Save the eWorld by Overloading it with Something fun” derived from the anime ‘The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’ the parties main priority is to keep eJapan fun and active for all players. However, although fun is important, the party knows when to be serious.

I could have chose to go with one of the many parties I have belonged to over the years, such as my first; the orange party, isp, united loli’s, etc. However, right now I feel that SOS is what this country needs right now: a party for people who like to be the middle ground between fun and serious, and active. Activity being the key here, as I believe we can all agree that it is one thing we seriously lack.

Party Cabinet
Typically the party cabinet consists of 5 members, all titled by the main characters of the TV show, and each with specific duties. They shall change each term, and with the President. However, since the party is just new all of these will be collected as the party progresses, and I hope that by the next term if elected this term and the next, they can be set in stone.

Thus, myself and my current vPP will run all the operations until we can find suitable people to hold positions.

Haruhi Aka. Brigade Chief- Party President, and overall leader of all aspects
Kyon - Vice Brigade Chief, to assist the Brigade chief
Mikuru - Advertiser, and mascot
Itsuki - Party mentoring program
Yuki - Reporter and Historian

As said above, currently I will be scouting out a Vice Brigade Chief (vPP) to be posted at a later date. Currently, the vPP will be helping me set the party up in it’s entirety.

Forums & Global
The first thing I will be completing upon my acceptance, will be to setup a party forum. SOS has always been a party which is on a global scale, allowing people in other parties and countries to join in on the party. I would prefer to use the current eJapanese forums for this, but I will have to speak to Zodiarque about such a thing before I can promise anything concrete.

However, everything will be run from this party forum, where we will discuss party politics, establish relations in other countries on a party level, and push for fun in all aspects of eRepublik and it’s form of communication outside.

With that, an IRC channel will be created. All members will be mailed it, so if you want to be a SOS member, but retain another parties membership, you will have to PM me to let me know.

Mentoring Program
I plan to set up a Party mentoring program once the party has a base for operations. Education is a big part of the game, we need to educate the new, as real life, they are our future. I realize the state has one, but I feel that as a party we are also responsible for our new members, as much as the state is responsible for its new citizens.

More experienced members will be set up with the new, so that we can help them financially, and guide them on eRepublik and it’s in-game and outside-game aspects.

Reporter & Historian
Eventually I would like to see articles at least a couple times a week come out of the party and/or it’s government. Long term, having SOS members release articles every couple days. Activity is our number one priority, as it is the reason both fun and progress can be made.

Articles made by the government shall be mostly serious, excluding some fun articles which I will push for citizens to have.

I have included Historian, as I would like the Party to hold and document it’s history regularly on the Wiki, as when I was active last, the wikipedia was a big source of information here in eJapan. We will concentrate on the party and it’s members, but I would like to see it open up and help maintain the rest.

As a party we will strive for active and informed voters. The party votes for the Party President, but I would also like to see it vote for who gains priority in congress, and who we support for president. I do not want another party which is run by one person. This party will have been previously (if elected) the people’s party, and I wish to maintain that title in the way the party is run.

This is how things used to be run a long time ago by all parties, and from my experience, it only helps to maintain a party which all the members are close and feel like their vote carries more weight.

A program for bringing in new members will be established ASAP. Although I won’t be explaining it all to everybody, most of the campaigning will consist of articles and mail. The articles will advertise both nation forums, irc, activity, and our party. This being, because I do not wish to leave anything out. If the party doesn’t become popular, that does not matter. What matters, is that our party can set out and achieve what we want to achieve: a better eJapan.

Eventually I will push for our party to aspire advertising outside of eRepublik, bringing in new citizens for eRepublik and also our party.

There is already a manifesto here. I have adjusted it slightly, but it needs more fixing. Once a forum and IRC has been established, I would like to bring this manifesto to the people which joined, and reform it more to be more current, and suit the players which belong to the party.

Any information about myself can be found heeeeeeeeere. Although this is not complete, it has all the facts.

I welcome everybody everywhere to join the SOS Brigade, should I be elected next term for Party President. If I have left anything out, or you have any questions, comment bellow and I will be glad to answer them accordingly. Next elections, vote Oraizan for the peoples party, and make way for the SOS Brigade!

To a brighter future for eJapan,
To a new party, born from the ashes of the old,
Hail, nippon o7

~ Oraizan


DankChronic Day 1,787, 23:48

Voted, and hope to see both the ISP & SoS regain at least some of what it has lost.

bobbySAURON Day 1,787, 23:50


also, not voted.

Darshu Day 1,788, 00:26

Tohru is lurking in the shadows again?

Oraizan Day 1,788, 00:51

She is seeing if she can get into eRep again~
I hope she will join my side again, this country is not the same without her.

Squibeel Day 1,788, 01:30

v. Tohru come back!

KllausJohn fon Ainsbern
KllausJohn fon Ainsbern Day 1,788, 01:56

Voted + Subscription)

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,788, 04:02

Tohru come back!

Seeing revival of eSOS really brings back many memories~~

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,788, 04:42

Glad to see eSOS reviving.

Zodiarque Day 1,788, 06:05

Nice article !

About Forums, just tell me what you need and its sure to appear !

We can talk about this PM.

Whatever, good luck in your endeavor.

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,788, 09:05


Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Day 1,788, 10:53

Come back, Tohru-senpai!

Also, this is an excellent plan for the party, and I hope it succeeds.

Lonqu Day 1,788, 13:38


Shirazawa Yuni
Shirazawa Yuni Day 1,788, 15:43

Voted! ^^

bobbySAURON Day 1,788, 22:22

Can I have a cookie?

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