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Sorry for making a NE on UK

Day 1,830, 10:05 Published in Ireland France by JeSayPanachay

I am writing this article to tell you that I am sorry for making a NE on UK.
I made this because I saw Russia made a NE on UK too and I thought that it was the best moment to attack our best enemy. I also thought that a new war would bring some BH medals, CH medals or RH medals and bring golds to the country.
I know it was a very stupid idea and a bad joke. I wasn't really serious too so I am very sorry for giving a negative idea of the IFP who is a good party.
So I won't present my candidature for the next congress because I want IFP to win the elections.

I lost so I haven't another choice to leave IFP and Ireland. I know this decision will make happy some people like the best liar tha I have never seen : Irish Rebel Reborn ; and the best noob ever : Cpt Jackson.

I hope to see you another time but It won't be in Ireland. I will keep contact with some people and I wish you the best.

PS : I posted this article in "Warfare analysis" to be visible.



MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,830, 10:07

Sorry to see you leave the country. Thanks for the apology.

collinfigures Day 1,830, 10:46

Well done, it speaks well of you.

I'm sorry to leave Ireland. I don't think that's necessary.

MrConway Day 1,830, 12:27

Mate there was nothing you did wrong at all.

I voted No to proposal, but for it to be proposed I will give it a Yes. You acted on good instinct and good intentions, the government looked into actually invading UK. Just as it didn't pass you shouldn't feel bad.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,830, 12:33

Ahahah you leave because you f**ked up and try get CS from an enemy of Irelands, thats 2 for 2 man.

moomoohead Day 1,830, 12:44

good article and good luck

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,830, 19:42

who cares we need a NE. I'm starting to think that 1 training war to complete a quest should be seen as a failure on the part of the Ministry of Defense. I'm thinking of moving to poland but language issues. But atleast they are always involved in a war and winning. This "we will lose so no NE" mentality is not good for an online game.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,830, 19:54


Death Awaits
Death Awaits Day 1,830, 20:46

Glad you're leaving, you're not needed. Not only are you stupid, but your entire party is stupid for even having you towards the top of the list for candidacy of congress.

@Releasethe Krakken- I agree we need a NE for more than just 1 training war, would keep things going. Only problem is, not enough supplies. If you haven't noticed, most people cry and beg around here rather than doing something about it themselves.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,831, 02:44

@Death - "Only problem is, not enough supplies. If you haven't noticed, most people cry and beg around here rather than doing something about it themselves."

Its called working for them, fair enough for younger players but when you hear anyone over the rank of prob 28 going on about having no supplies then its laughable. People are to dependent on hand outs.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,831, 03:31

^^Is that why you stole all the money then?

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,831, 03:34

Look, lots of people have NE'd other countries like say, Poland, and they're still around, so I've no idea why your taking this so seriously. Fact of the matter is that when you proposed the NE, we were in discussions with several countries to examine the ramifications of the NE proposal from Russia.

The government, contrary to popular opinion is aware of what's going on. But we don't megaphone our negotiations to all citizens because of diplomatic niceties.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,831, 03:37

A TW would have been nice to take advantage of the bonuses from the anniversary, but in case you haven't notices, these bonuses occurred exactly at the same time as the run-in to congress elections. So we felt freeing EDEN countries to enable them to have a congress was more important that our little selves.

Maybe certain people would reflect that we have to take a global picture on events rather than a selfish one.

N'est-ce pas?

Death Awaits
Death Awaits Day 1,831, 05:09

Good points Mal.

You know Marcus, you never answer that question when people ask you it. Pretty sad when you have to steal to have any success on this game.

Gerald Smyth
Gerald Smyth Day 1,831, 08:22

Good luck. I forgive you at the least. Hope to see you around again.

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,831, 08:41

@Biker2446 - I never got the best impression of you, but your mistake was understandable and well intentioned. It doesn't seem to me that you should have to leave, but it's your decision to make.

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Day 1,895, 04:30

it's a mistake but not much harm has been done you went on instinct and thought it was a good idea

Not a big mistake at all you really should stay and try to help eIreland

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