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Something ive noticed since Hinokai was elected as CP

Day 1,036, 00:33 Published in Australia Australia by Tim_Holtz

there is a severe lack of denial about the use of Multiaccounts

PLEASE i need the denial of these really obvious multiaccounts.



Tim_Holtz Day 1,036, 00:33


Jc_ump_232 Day 1,036, 00:35


Indonesian bot hub
Indonesian bot hub Day 1,036, 00:38

i deny the use of hundreds of multiaccounts

lady 22
lady 22 Day 1,036, 00:44

page one

say no to multis

Hampri Topan
Hampri Topan Day 1,036, 00:58

admin still can trace ip's of their clone

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,036, 01:13

I loled at the multinesians

Sakha Milanisti
Sakha Milanisti Day 1,036, 01:22

i loled at xavier griffith

Callumh123 Day 1,036, 01:55

I lol'd at Ekrem Chehab.

Bajaj Day 1,036, 02:04

i lol at callumh123 hahaha
under me plz lol at me

Homer J Simpson Day 1,036, 02:10

Comment deleted

Doturluigi Day 1,036, 02:31

It's sure logical to assume Aussies created bunch of multis to destroy their own country.

Damien Wolf
Damien Wolf Day 1,036, 04:23


Bujang Anon
Bujang Anon Day 1,036, 04:31

can i loled at someone ?

Callumh123 Day 1,036, 05:36

It's sure logical to assume Aussies created bunch of multis to destroy their own country.


infin Day 1,036, 06:06

say no to multis.

vingaer Day 1,036, 06:21


and my sincere congratz to the quoted guy 😃

Haptoh Day 1,036, 06:23

i just epic loled

wolfang230 Day 1,036, 06:24

Comment deleted

venja Day 1,036, 06:49

Comment deleted

St Krems
St Krems Day 1,036, 06:57

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Kyle321n Day 1,036, 07:14

^^ But I did...

TheDarkRider Day 1,036, 10:23


KOLLHTOS Day 1,036, 11:29


FetusBong Day 1,036, 15:14

i lol.d

Arthinian Day 1,036, 19:46


Dean Kong
Dean Kong Day 1,036, 21:46

I did not create those multi accounts, wonder forward

Imperator Major Domus
Imperator Major Domus Day 1,037, 00:04

that guy made the best excuse ever

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Day 1,037, 00:37

Breaking news from eRepublik Insider: "We've messed up some features in the gameplay"

Solaris Templar
Solaris Templar Day 1,037, 01:02

i lol'd

Lord Ferrum
Lord Ferrum Day 1,037, 01:35

hahahaha Boated!

The eFoodbank
The eFoodbank Day 1,037, 02:10


Daan Mogot Day 1,037, 05:48

Comment deleted

Tim_Holtz Day 1,037, 05:52

>do not forget to feed your wife

are you implying that it is common to have a subserviant life partner that cant get food by themselves?

Daan Mogot
Daan Mogot Day 1,037, 06:15

,I mean "you have to allocate more time to work and earn money for your family instead of playing online game",
sorry, as I stated above, I use Broken English,
would you please make a correction for what I wrote above,
just post the correction under me, big thx mate

Clara Jean
Clara Jean Day 1,037, 06:19

can i loled at someone ? x2

Tim_Holtz Day 1,037, 06:29

the sentence you replaced it with was acceptable

RedCard Day 1,037, 08:29

callumh123 is sapi

Bora Stojsin
Bora Stojsin Day 1,037, 09:35


Majester Day 1,037, 10:50


Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,037, 15:57

"Tasmania is a PRISON ! and AngelDemon are the Wardens"

roflmao, want to hear a history lesson?

Warwick Peart
Warwick Peart Day 1,037, 16:06

we should some be able to ban those damn eIndos from our forums and newspapers coz all they have to say is absolute s--t about us killing our selves off and helping out lots o them because apparently 'we' have been using multiaccounts. maybe the actual government of indonesia should put a little more into their education system to teach them why the above is not normal.

Alesayr Day 1,037, 16:37

"It's sure logical to assume Aussies created bunch of multis to destroy their own country."

This statement is full of win...

si petung
si petung Day 1,037, 19:04

the message from day 984 and u notice it just now (day 1.036)??

that is why i love eaustralian, please dont leave the game ^ ^

Daan Mogot
Daan Mogot Day 1,037, 19:32

VCS done,
this is the first time I voted and subscribed eAustralian news, this should be written on wiki, wkwkwkwkwk (for those who don't understand "wkwkwk" is a sinister laugh)

Corey Barton
Corey Barton Day 1,037, 19:32

@ Daan Mogot

You are muultimaxxlol because u is super douche with a taupe

Daan Mogot
Daan Mogot Day 1,037, 19:35


sorry, my comment is a bit ANCIENT (it's from DAY 984, so I don't remember about the issue I commented),

but the possible causes maybe:
1. There was an eAustralian group called FlammingGallahs who try to PTO eIndonesia, so because the population of eAustralia is a lot smaller than eIndonesia so we suspect that the FlammingGalahs use multis in their act.
2. There was a trend that some eIndonesian player have "clone" characters. So we guessed that some eAustralian tried to slander eIndonesian so they can Report and make accusations. You know that it is so stupid if someone creates multis with similar nickname.
3. The multis I mentioned in your quote have eIndonesian citizenship and located in eIndonesia (this will answer Doturluigi statement)

So the reason of my old comment was for Counter Propaganda.
I think this will clear the controversy.

Ps. I use Broken English, Thx.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,037, 21:19

1. just because someone says they are going to PTO something doesnt make it true.

2. check how many Indonesian former CPs have been banned for Multiaccounting. this stereotype is well founded in fact

3. we do not create bot farms to PTO other countries. thats Indonesias foreground

bangrahmat Day 1,039, 02:39

failed article

Crazy Scientist
Crazy Scientist Day 1,039, 12:24

,I mean "you have to allocate more time to work and earn money for your family instead of playing online game" x2

failed article x2

Dacian_tarabostes Day 1,081, 17:36

Hail EDEN!

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