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Something about Unity.

Day 2,017, 21:15 Published in USA USA by Duncan Crowe

Fellow Americans,

Hatred thrives in our nation.

Whether it's hatred towards Ajay, Pfeiffer, Oblige, Serbians etc., it's omnipresent within the community at the moment, and, while viewing the comments of my last article, I could definitely tell it is something that lives within America.

It's foolish to ignore this. We live in a community, that, while trying to work together, also offers enmity towards someone at any particular point in time. I think that one of the most concrete examples is with the Unity system.

Initially welcomed as the harbinger of destruction to the AFA by securing the CP seat, it has become something hated, something that is apparently controlled by trrbl elitists who would apparently like nothing more than to have complete dominance over the eUnited States.

What it has become has tarnished the word unity. We can no longer work towards unity, when Unity has become an election that people hate strongly and would like to see end. And that's not how we should act.

We should not attack other parties when they make a mistake, we should not attack other parties when they do "better" than us, or use "illegal methods". The Feds are not innocent (even I'm not), and nor are any other parties. Unless you're playing a different game...

Something that we should recognize is that the PTOers thrive off of our hate, the disagreements, strifes, problems that we have on a daily basis. We try to work together and accomplish Unity, but what we get is a jumble of those who want to do work desperately trying to make something great, or another group who sits and attacks what has been built.

Perhaps it's a foolish notion to consider American unity, I recognize that. Each clique has their own goals, their own motives in the little game that we call eRepublik. But, to be honest, we shouldn't let that define the way that we act towards the human beings that we play the game with. We aren't playing the game with another damn robot, people.

There is something about Unity that should draw people together, give them a chance to work within a system to accomplish something great. There is something about Unity that should be preventing the AFAers from taking over our nation.

However, what we fail to realize is that they're winning. Every time we attack someone else, treat them as sub-human or a mindless drone, we are letting them win. We are letting them tear apart America.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter beyond retention who holds the chair. What matters is the community, and there's something about unity that is killing that very thing. And it needs to change.

So change it. Whether you're a future CP, a nobody, or somewhere in between, that does not mean you have to hate. We should be working together as team, as a unit, in unity.

Respectfully yours,
-Duncan Crowe


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 2,017, 21:30

I wrote an article \o/

Lord Nimrod
Lord Nimrod Day 2,017, 21:52

teach me how ! 😃

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Day 2,017, 21:42

And it was good.

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,017, 22:32

I like it

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,017, 22:38

future CP here o7

Delyruin Day 2,017, 23:22

Voted for the laughs you gave me.

Gnilraps Day 2,018, 06:56

I would vote you as CP...

Crappy Person.

Wilhem Klink
Wilhem Klink Day 2,018, 10:27

You're moving to eSerbia? Excellent chance at CP there, they love you.

Derphoof Day 2,018, 10:29

No, they don't love him. They just use him.

Crash and Burn
Crash and Burn Day 2,017, 22:42

Really Nice Article o/

Delyruin Day 2,017, 23:21

Comment deleted

Delyruin Day 2,017, 23:23

American's are better than that.

Jaffle Day 2,018, 12:27

Haven't seen that, and would speak out against it.

Darko Stanisavljevic
Darko Stanisavljevic Day 2,018, 02:03

nice article, but you shouldn't worry too much about it. Those things are done almost only by people frustrated in RL, and than they bring it up here. It is same in every ecountry...try reading some newspapers in croatia, bosnia, serbia...all the same. But the most of the people here just want to have some fun. at least i hope so 🙂

Geronimo100 Day 2,018, 09:32

I agree with you Darko, and I hope that most people log in here to have fun. And that those haters stop ruining our game experience and time we spend here.

Belisarus Day 2,018, 10:42

Unfortunately, some key people are driven by RL issues, and they bring them here, ruining our fun. For example, Free Area, sleeper that PTOed AMP, publicly admitted in his article that he was driven to PTO the party not by fun, but by RL issues such as NATO bombing of Serbia. And this is very very sad. Many Serbians plays against USA because of RL, and other nations do the same - Croats, Greeks and Macedonians, Bulgarians and Turks, etc. It is hard for RL Americans to understand that.

Sztandar Day 2,018, 02:36

tl;dr: US is a glorified boxing bag.

weasel2 Day 2,018, 03:08

IMHO most of the hate you hear is an attempt to be heard; a form of shouting, hopefully shocking the listener into paying attention. See ME, am I not clever?

Dogpyle Day 2,018, 15:56

That's exactly what I do.

Only I'm sexy. Not clever.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,018, 03:52

Ajay/Pfeiffer are the same person and are the complete and only reason for Unity. Yes, I know...I'm crazy. Give me one piece of evidence which proves that my initial statement is wrong and I will agree that I am crazy. For months now Unity was supposed to defeat the AFA, problem is it has actually helped them by causing disunity. Now the AFA has -after one attempt- PTOed one of America's largest parties, while Unity has failed time after time to PTO the AFA; almost as if it had been agreed upon. Don't be surprised when RGR is CP in the next few months....

weasel2 Day 2,018, 09:27

So the AMP PTO was a red flag to get USA to NE Serbia giving them the moral high ground to wipe us?
Is it true that RGR, by his insistence on being the front for the PTOers, could have stymied them without Unity?
How you, Dru? 🙂 Been busy?

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,018, 13:14

Just Chillaxing and watching RGR vs 'Unity'... been watching the grass grow...which strangely happens faster that change in America...tha video could well apply to every citizens who continues to return to this {cough} social game thinking it will be better next time around...just one more time...!

Dalan Di Celes
Dalan Di Celes Day 2,018, 04:11


Viarizi Day 2,018, 05:33

Mrs President Artela,

Please end this terrible, terrible war, it is in your power.

I beg of you, end this now, nominate RGR as acting POTUS.

Save our souls, deliver us from war.


Zeng999 Day 2,018, 06:21

Because of the "great UNITY policy" eUSA is on the very bottom in this game.
And you can not blame AFA,this will never happen if we are in leadership.

LaIIe Day 2,018, 08:31

So you are saying, It's better to appoint persons from the country that we are in direct war with atm? I can't see anything going wrong with that "Rolleyes"

Zeng999 Day 2,018, 09:00

Well,at least eUSA will not be wipped and this stupid war will end.
And we are not all serbians

Derphoof Day 2,018, 10:29

Zeng, I thought AFA wanted this war:

Gnilraps Day 2,018, 06:55

Can't argue with this logic. Nicely said.

Winter Night
Winter Night Day 2,018, 09:03

This article had promise until you labeled AFA members as your enemies. It seems it is nearly impossible to find a solution to this crisis.

Down with AFA haters!

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ A F A ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

n4n0 Day 2,018, 12:44

Maybe the AFA shouldn't pto other parties and openly support our wartime enemy...

DMV3 Day 2,018, 09:30

Good article, very well crafted.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 2,018, 10:24

Stay united America at the end this is your name isn't it?!!

Don't let foreigners to TO your great nation!

Homem do Bussaco
Homem do Bussaco Day 2,018, 12:19

I dont't like Unity, I prefer Gnome 3 or Cinnamon.
Ba dum tshh!

One Sky
One Sky Day 2,018, 13:23

I hate you dunks. 😶

fingerguns Day 2,018, 13:29


Kabasshii Day 2,018, 13:30

v354 s0132

Shermain Day 2,018, 14:12

Well said Duncan, well said.

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Day 2,018, 14:22

Very well written.

Dogpyle Day 2,018, 15:57


Well said, DC.

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 2,018, 18:19


RaccoonGoon Day 2,018, 18:52

Great article, Dunks.

Chuck R Norris
Chuck R Norris Day 2,018, 19:59

Searching for one like that, good job.

Danny Wdeo Day 2,019, 00:11

Comment deleted

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 2,019, 03:05

"No One is Innocent"...

"God save all us sinners God save your blackest sheep
God save the good samaritan and god save the worthless creep"

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