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Some thing about erepublik

Day 1,821, 11:29 Published in Pakistan Hungary by Kismat

I will tell you something which i found in erepublik about the admin team.
The owner eRepublik is little Alexis Bonte Alexis Bonte (34) is co-founder and CEO of eRepublik Labs. eRepublik (one of the top 25 European start ups according to TechCrunch) transforming the way strategy games that he created, distributed and played by leveraging the power of communities and the Web. Alexsis Bonte also is a baccalaureate (BA) Honours Degree in International Business and Languages ​​from the European Business School (London). George Lemnaru George Lemnaru one of the founders of the He is better known as the plateau, as some economic policies on set by her. Its action in the economic field is evident in the real world where he is a graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest with a master's degree. resource: Basically this game is relying on the community as a player, resulting in a community (state) can be orderly way tesusun / institutional dikelanl with eNegara. Initially this is a simulation game in determining the future of the economy so that it looks at the beginning of the game are still in the stone age (before eRepublik now). In this context, each state can determine what percentage of the ideal in determining the import tax, minimum wage, value added tax, as well as the trade embargo, so players (citizens) need above-average ability in addressing the social conditions of the country (hence the stone age, those who have 17 + berbain banned this game, i do not know now). CEOs also need to eat tho, so to get some money from they implement improved something (company, TG, there used HT, hospitals, defense systems, etc.) takes GOLD as a benchmark, and continues to grow until the module meliter. This phase (meliter) is a breath of fresh air for income because many supply-specific penawran be tempting for the player (it has a rocket, rocket development company, bazookas, and other sebaginya to the zombie bazooka). Apart from the basic concepts of economic simulation , social, political, and meliter that created by eRepublik COE, the main thing in the game play is fun, laughter, and excitement between communities. Then create one's own pleasure regardless of the adverse effects of this game (brainwashing). Lots of tricks in this game to be able to find some positive impact, start with small things the community, when it is saturated leave this game, because the real world it is the future.



SilverF0X Day 1,821, 11:50


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