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Some Suggestions for Oinyo

Day 2,043, 07:53 Published in Canada USA by Churchill93

Have I been critical of our CP of late? Yes. Has it been unfair? I don't believe so.

Oinyo ran on a platform of being different. At times he criticized our previous administration. I hoped (and hope) he would succeed. So far things have been lackluster.

Oinyo has asked for some suggestions instead of criticism, so this is my promised response.

I will criticize when criticism is necessary, and I will give credit where it is due. At times, I criticized Homer, yet I voted for him in a CPF primary because he deserved it. But, Homer never called me a troll or said I knew nothing. He'd respond and address concerns, rather than misrepresent my points.

There are many people here with good advice. Seek it out. As CP you're the one who makes the final decision, but you are not alone in this. None of us want our country to fail.

These are just a few helpful tips that I've scrambled to throw together. As I think of others, I will share them.

1) Communication

Things started off well. Oinyo gave us daily updates on what was going on. That quickly changed after an Executive Order pledging Canada's full help to the eUSA. We've since had a paragraph from him in 10 days on the war.

It wasnt just public communication that suffered. MUs and parties were in the dark too. I'd imagine diplomatic discussions also were on hold.

I know life gets busy - but have a team member do the updates in your place. An update every day or two would be helpful. Nobody is asking for you to reveal detailed strategy, just let us know you're working.


A) Give a brief summary of what the administration is doing every day or two. Include updates on the war (ie. a progress report). Keep eCanada as informed as necessary/possible.

B ) Keep MUs updated multiple times a day. Ensure they understand the strategy. Seek their feedback.

C) Provide specific war updates one-two times per week. Summarize battles and inform eCanada on where things are going from there (vague, as much as can be publicized). Think inspirational Churchill in WWII.

D) Keep PPs informed and seek their advice as well.

2) Cabinet

Lest anybody get the wrong idea, I'm not angling for a Cabinet spot. I'm busy in RL and in game with my CPF duties - these are just part of my constructive suggestions.

Credit where credit is due, Oinyo added a solid addition in Auk Rest to his Cabinet. Good CPs need good teams. If members of your team aren't able to keep up, replace them.

Delegate and rely on your team. For example, Homer had Dozzer and Shoi carrying a lot of the weight on the diplomatic side of things. Stay on top of the projects you've assigned to your team. Ensure work is being done at both the MoD and MoFA level - in particular in regards to dialogue with the eUSA.

We cannot have another few days of radio silence. Keep multiple contacts there.

Also, don't hesitate to consult your predecessor or his team. I'm sure Homer and his team can provide invaluable advice.

3) Military

While, it is true that we cannot win the war ourselves, we can play a vital part.

In World War I, Canadian troops were considered the "shock troops" of the Allied Forces and took on things that the others couldn't or thought were too dangerous. We may be small, but we are mighty.


A) Ensure Canada is in line with the rest of our allies. This is the most important element. There is no point fighting blind or in non priority battles.

B ) Be creative. In case you hadn't guessed, I'm a huge fan of Winston Churchill. He was a master in creative warfare and military tactics (see:

There are many others who are smarter than I at erepublik battle tactics, but perhaps one way we can assist is shown here:

Why not build a unit that instigates resistance wars in Serbia and Hungary that cut off bonuses? This would have to be done in lockstock with the eUSA with specific times. Send 10 over to the region with 1000$ each. Cause the resistance war and focus our MUs attention (along with other Asgard and COT countries) on that battle while the eUSA fights for a strategic state. It helps that we wouldn't all have to move to Europe or Asia, since they have outposts in the USA now.

For example, people like Exalted Druid can be of much more assistance than I on these creative ways we can help.

4) Diplomacy

The only thing I can stress here is maintain a constant dialogue with the eUSA and their allies.

At some point we should resume the NAP talks with Spain, but there is no point doing so during TWOs war on the eUSA, lest we end up with multiple occupiers.


Oinyo Day 2,043, 10:26

1. Communication.

The MU commanders have a direct link to me and to eachother. They are in direct contact with our MoD who is in direct contact with the states.

They are getting all the info they need and any time they ask a question it is answered in a timely fashion.

Also it was not 10 days without any info on the war.. I popped on at least 3 times that week and wrote 2 giant articles with updates. Then I went and posted more info on other peoples articles like Klops and Auk Rests.... I even had a giant Question and answer last week for 7 straight hours where people could come talk to me. I flooded it all over the feeds and had an article and everything?

For the Article a day there was a convo on the last one I did where 100% of the people posting said it was too much and I need to change it to weekly. So I did...

So to reply to your Proposals..
A) I did this.. people told me to go weekly so that is the new plan.
😎 MU's have a direct link to me. Every time something new happens they are in the loop. I guess I could give them more info but there is not too much to give out atm...
C) Oh this is already done. I am constantly posting about the war and for people to be excited on whats coming shortly... Hopefully starting today if a certain ally of ours ever gets on...
D) I agree on this. Just some of them refuse to talk to me so that is their own fault. Punisher is in my cabinet. Auk is now.. I listen to Klopp and have actually made a few changes around thins he has said. Rolo is not on atm but when he is I do take him seriously and would welcome his input.

2) Cabinet.

I agree and its hard when people are so busy. Truth be told Foxfire, Beorn and Shoi do an insane amount of work. The 3 of them have been on a solid 8 hours a day most days and they keep bringing new ideas,plans and allies to the table.

In fact the reason we got so many great allies this month is hugely in their actions and ideas.
I have complete faith in Auk to keep up the pace 🙂

Oinyo Day 2,043, 10:35

3) No comment.. lol

Well ok one comment. The first half of the term as I told Shoi was to do 2 things.
1. get us as many powerful allies as I could and to try to peacefully talk to eSpain to bring a good deal to eCan to hopefully end the war.

The second half would be the baby boom with our land back so that we could repopulate.

Well that was plan A and of course as you see it is down the toilet.. The baby boom is still on but its not going to be amazing until we get land....

So plan A was designed to feed into plan B.

Plan B is to take all of our old allies PLUS the new ones we have and make a massive military push.
I dont know if you missed my msg on Thur and Fri of last week but I said plan B is in effect starting today.

So as soon as the mastermind comes on you will see some fireworks..
eCan has a big roll coming up and we are sure to have some fun 🙂

**More info will be leaked as we start to make moves**

**Also on that note I love your ideas for the war.. You will laugh in a few days as things unfold..


I agree and we are 🙂 eUSA are still in constant contact with Punisher and they are using us for their needs. They appreciate and acknowledge this.. Our relations and respect with the eUS is only growing as we show our true colours more and more..

Thank you for making this post. Even if it seems I may have countered a lot of things it is good to see and also gets me thinking more on how I can get msges out in the open. Clearly it seems my more important articles are getting hidden so I may need to start buying votes to get them up and in the light so people are not in the dark.

As always 🙂 never hold back on questions. Any time I see one I will take as much time as is required to answer them as fully as I can.

Churchill93 Day 2,043, 12:14

A very solid, and well written response. Much appreciated.

Oinyo Day 2,043, 12:15

You are most welcome. Thank you for putting together this article so that I could respond 🙂

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,043, 17:10

Way to go, both of you make me proud to be a canuck

klop123 Day 2,043, 10:47

Solid article, with a solid response.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 2,043, 16:37

Well written on the initial article, and response.
Very much appreciated!

crisfire Day 2,043, 22:17

Ill be honest

besides a lack of day to day communication love making that is unseen in any adminsitration I dont see any "oh mu god" suggestions

"Why not build a unit that instigates resistance wars in Serbia and Hungary that cut off bonuses?"

huh its that easy eh?

Churchill93 Day 2,044, 05:17

Building the unit is easy, winning a resistance war is not.

I just put forward a few ideas, I know people like yourself would have a better mind for erepublik military strategy.

crisfire Day 2,044, 11:04

we dont need a unit with money, starting a RW is never a problem its winning them that is

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,044, 04:41


Chochi Day 2,044, 08:35

Nice article, Churchill93. I much prefer this kind of an approach to criticism.

I mean, sure, some of your suggestions aren't exactly fleshed out or all that practical. For example, while I personally liked Oinyo's daily reports with articles in the news for 48 hours, we probably only really need two a week for most of us to feel like we're being kept informed. Also, like you said, RWs alone aren't going to cut it against Serbia, though I like that you're trying to think creatively, especially as you claim not to be an expert.

Also, as underlined in Oinyo's response to your article, your criticisms might be a little off the mark or your standards simply too high. There's nothing wrong with that in itself, it's just that I don't think you should have unreasonable expectations or set the bar so high that nobody can meet them... or set them so high that the person you want to criticise can't reach them. Really, much of what you said here could have easily been said about Homer's terms.

But I liked this article. It shows that you're not just blindly criticising but taking issue with particular problems (as you see them) and that you're thinking about improvements. I'm not a big fan of the term constructive criticism but this would probably fit the bill. You're looking to build up, with this article, not simply tear down. So good job.

Derakor Day 2,044, 09:30

"In World War I, Canadian troops were considered the "shock troops" of the Allied Forces and took on things that the others couldn't or thought were too dangerous. We may be small, but we are mighty."

Let's separate for a moment reality from erepublik. eCanada in erepublik cannot become the sort of "shock troops" in this war because of..... well.... GAME mechanics. Game mechanics have a lot more to play in the 'mightiness' of countries in this game. Because, let's face it, the war module in this game doesn't account for things like luck, and a wide variety battlefield of battlefield tactics.

However, on the side note I commend your criticism. It is and important part of democracy to have critics, otherwise it would simply be a glorified dictatorship with a new dictator coming in every month. Congress, is meant to be just that at times. Critical of the other party's actions and even the Presidents. However, criticism comes with counter criticism, and you should expect as much resistance of criticism as you have of offering criticism. Especially in a game where typing is the main mode of communication. We all know how good typing is at conveying emotion and main points where criticism is concerned.

J_Retief Day 2,044, 10:35

Well written article, a constructive criticism not a bashing. This is what eCanada was like when I first started playing. Oinyo nice response, you may not have giving the answers I was looking for but you responded constructively.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,044, 12:56

Moral of the story: Shoulda voted Pat..

Theunreal21 Day 2,044, 14:55


Chochi Day 2,044, 15:45

Vote Harper-Harper 05/07/13!

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,044, 13:46

I suggest everyone follow DMV3 and AIM orders. They actually seem to be trying and not just waiting for the wipe like the real eUS government. Problem is they are fighting in RW's and as a captain I cannot set a DO to an eUS RW so I get my 25 kills then move to the AIM RW.

J.Canuck Day 2,044, 14:28

Good article - good repsonse. Its summer, time to 3 click most of the time for me. The nice thing about being wiped is that there's nothing to lose while we all slack off.

Shoi12 Day 2,044, 23:05

Sorry my whipping ain't public 😉

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