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Some ideas to improve eRepublik. [EN/FR] + Ticket sent to admins.

Day 1,603, 14:22 Published in France Argentina by Leuch
Please note all this ideas are suggestions that MUST be developped. I hope this article will be a good brainstorming for players, and who knows, maybe admins will read them...
Version Française incluse, parce que mon ePays le vaut bien.

1. Political module.
A citizen can be define ingame like a soldier with his MU and like a political member.
As you know, military units have already their own feed. I think congress members and party member should have their feeds too.
It will be more easy for congressmen to communicate between them in order to speak about laws or citizenship.
For a party, a feed will enable to coordinate votes and debates.

Un citoyen peut être défini ingame comme un soldat avec sa MU et comme un politicien.
Comme vous le savez, les MU ont déjà leur propre "feed". Je pense que membres du congrés et les membres de parti devraient avoir leur "feed" aussi.
Il sera ainsi plus facile pour les membres du congrès de communiquer entre eux afin de discuter des lois ou des demandes de CS. (Ou des doubles NE, vous voyez ce que je veux dire).
Pour un parti, un "feed" permettra de coordonner les votes et les débats.


2. Press Module.
In order to improve journalism, my proposition will be very simple.
The categories are for lots of people a wrong idea.
Add a single button which will active automatically a shout for friends with the title and the direct link to the article should be a good way to inject some dynamism into press module.

Afin d'améliorer le jounalisme, ma proposition sera très simple.
Les catégories sont pour beaucoup de gens une mauvaise idée. Ajouter un simple boutton qui déclenchera automatiquement un shout avec le titre et le lien direct vers l'article devrait être un bon moyen de dynamiser le module presse.

An exemple of shout generated:
Un exemple de shout généré:


3. Private messages.
Private messages are very simple, and we can't express with form. It should be funny to add some emoticons and formatting tools.

Les messages privés sont très simples, et nous ne pouvons pas nous exprimer avec la mise en forme. Ce serait plus drôle (oui il m'en faut peu) d'ajouter des émoticones et des outils de mise en forme.


4. Military Module.
That won't be a surprise, everybody will be ok with the fact that players enjoy military stats.
I suggest to add the total damage of the current round in the domination bar.

Ce ne sera pas une surprise, tout le monde sera d'accord (sauf 2 ou 3 relous) sur le fait que les joueurs aiment les statistiques militaires.
Je suugère d'ajouter le total de dommage du round en cours dans la bar de domination.


5. Bring back gifts.
Oldest players remember we were able to send a gift to others players.
What better gifts than bazookas and energy bars ? Of course, a limit must be established in order to avoid abuse, for example 5 items/day/players.

Edit: Donations can be done by players who reached level 20 in order to avoid multiaccounts.

Les vieux joueurs se souviennent que nous étions capable d'envoyer des "cadeaux" aux autres joueurs.
Quels meilleur cadeaux que des bazookas et des energy bars ? Bien sûr, une limite devrait être établie afin d'éviter les abus, par exemple 5 objets par jour et par joueur.


6. Military Unit Storage.
MU are a very great idea, but something is missing: a storage !
In my idea, every members can send items to their own MU, but the storage will be managed by Commander.
We can imagine a basic storage with 1000 slots and purchase to increase it.

Les MU sont une vraie bonne idée, mais il manque quelque chose: un storage !
Dans mon idée, tous les membres peuvent envoyer des objets à leur propre MU, mais le storage sera géré par le Commander.
Nous pouvons imaginer un storage de base avec 1000 places et des achats pour l'augmenter (je brosse Plato dans le sens du poil, non ?)


7. Citizenship Application.
Actually a poor guy/TOer can approve a citizenship alone, even if the number is limited to 8.
I propose "thumb up" for CS Application. If the player reach 5 "thumbs up", his citizenship is validated.
We can also imagine a thumb down. The application will be refused if the sum of thumbs up/down is equal or negative.

Actuellement, un pauvre type/ un TOer peut approuver une CS seul, même si le nombre est limité à 8.
Je propose le "pouce vert" pour les demandes d'application. Si le joueurs obtient 5 "pouces vert", la candidature est validée.
On peut aussi imaginer un "pouce rouge". La demande sera refusée si la somme des pouces vert et rouge est égale ou inférieur à zéro.


8. Delete useless button.
The best for the end. Everybody will agree with the fact that our good old forum will never be fixed... RIP 😃

Le meilleur pour la fin. Tout le monde est d'accord sur le fait que notre bon vieux forum ne sera jamais réparé... RIP 😃


Some ideas to improve eRepublik. [EN/FR]
Thank for your votes/shouts and support.

Please vote at least for my AWESOME paint skill/english. 😃



Dhelk Day 1,603, 14:24

Nice. Voted

Leuch Day 1,603, 14:24

Dhelk, tu es trop rapide, quel lecteur 😃

aurelije the family guy
aurelije the family guy Day 1,603, 14:25

Awesome ideas.

MaxMaher Day 1,603, 14:26

Voter + shout.

rungratsamee Day 1,603, 14:26


Lord Vaako
Lord Vaako Day 1,603, 14:26

All are awesome!

ArkAngeIus Day 1,603, 14:28

vote and shout!

Rommel Erwin
Rommel Erwin Day 1,603, 14:29

big vote

nickname778 Day 1,603, 14:29


Fredrikstadtilian Day 1,603, 14:29

Great,but instead of deleting useless button they could open forum again 🙂

pluiedesetoile Day 1,603, 14:30

bien comme d'hab

igor7 Day 1,603, 14:31


Temporary Citizen
Temporary Citizen Day 1,603, 14:31

4 is almost impossible. There are several reasons. First, by not giving numbers, they encourage people to fight more to ensure. Second, numbers and battle data along with it would cause problems with 'unnatural' (I believe so) influence.

5 Bazookas and energy bars are free unless you pay for them. I highly doubt they'd just let us to give away. It could be possible for purchased ones, though.

8 Number of citizenship passes depends on country population and number of congressmen. So number of thumbs needed should.

FrutekXXX Day 1,603, 14:31


Mike Littoris
Mike Littoris Day 1,603, 14:32


Temporary Citizen
Temporary Citizen Day 1,603, 14:32


I see no reason to open forum while flock doesn't even whine any longer.

nice article voted

Legalolmayan Day 1,603, 14:33

well done !


antresit Day 1,603, 14:33


D.m.R Day 1,603, 14:33

Pretty awesome, would bring the game up to a whole new level.

Idea 7 could be controversial though. Would make PTO attempts way too easy. Maybe if normal citizens could use their thumbs up/down rights only a limited number of times.

mrle1982 Day 1,603, 14:34


Geologik Day 1,603, 14:34

tres bien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!11!!!1

the goast rider
the goast rider Day 1,603, 14:34


cc1432 Day 1,603, 14:34

lolz join the other game that already has this : )

pm if u don;t know the game xD

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,603, 14:34

Really nice : )

ramitro Day 1,603, 14:35

De bonne idée comme le chat parti que tout le monde réclame ^^

incibasgan Day 1,603, 14:35

good ideas vote

TASAN21 Day 1,603, 14:36

Voted except of no. 5 about gifts.

vladb Day 1,603, 14:36

4 it's pretty difficult to bring to life .

The total damage statistics changes instantly and in heavy fought battles it would bring the Flash interface (already slow and with issues ) to an almost certain crash .
Would be nice to have but with Flash I think it will bring more issues then benefits .

antjerci Day 1,603, 14:36


cCc STANKO cCc Day 1,603, 14:36

Awesome ideas.

GeneralFranco Day 1,603, 14:36


Roberrto Day 1,603, 14:36

I agree.....

Akwel Day 1,603, 14:36

Votay !

Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Day 1,603, 14:37


D.m.R Day 1,603, 14:38

@vladb, what if the statistics didn't change instantly but instead updated every minute or so, would that be easier?

ClioPilot Day 1,603, 14:38

great VOTE & SUB

Daemoner Day 1,603, 14:38

p.s.: IMHO Bazuka gifts will not work. But you need something to surrender with admins.

Nick Andrik
Nick Andrik Day 1,603, 14:38

great article!

storage + companies on the MUs!
(extra points for payment in "nature" e.g. in q6 tanks)

Oldwang Day 1,603, 14:38

V+S Good idea

e-petros Day 1,603, 14:39


Vientos del Sur
Vientos del Sur Day 1,603, 14:39

All of the ideas are great. Only I'm not sure about 5th one. May cause a fake boom in all countries 😃

ammalakinki Day 1,603, 14:40

good ideas, but military storage may be used to donation from fakes!

Barbo Ispiro
Barbo Ispiro Day 1,603, 14:40

These ideas are really awesome, thanks buddy o/

cCcBorgircCc Day 1,603, 14:40


Dr Lestra
Dr Lestra Day 1,603, 14:40


Anoxia II
Anoxia II Day 1,603, 14:42

Really Great ideas my dear Leuch...
Voted and shouted and asking people to shout...

ClioPilot Day 1,603, 14:43

post this on eRep fb

Angel Di Maria
Angel Di Maria Day 1,603, 14:43

Supported. But E. B donate impossible 😕

vladb Day 1,603, 14:43

@mAReDux -if the statistics would change only every minute it would be out of sync with the progress bar and with the percentage .

It's not that ER does not have the damage for each side in every second (they need to have it to get the percentage statistics ) but these numbers are on the server side ,to the client they only "broadcast" the percentage and the Flash controller presents the bar accordingly .

I think (but I am not sure ,I do not work for ER ) the reason that they do not present the total damage for each side it's because of Flash control used performance issues .

But someone from ER could give a better answer 😁

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