Some eRepublik updates

Day 707, 10:11 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Today we are going to zoom through the eRepublik world, and let you know about some updates. We won't do the mistake of starting with the not-so-exciting things, like a maintenance announcement, so..

Have you noticed Tall_niki's interesting newspaper? Here you can find the greatest concentration of beautiful eRepublik women per square centimeter of paper. And presumably, given the political- economical-[..]-simulator label of eRepublik, here you have one of the few places where you can admire and vote on beautiful girls without having to worry about your girlfriend's reaction 🙂

Western Siberia Region,the richest eRepublik region was conquered by Russia after a successful resistance war. It's been almost a year since Russians lost this valuable region, which returned to them today. Hey, are you watching who's the battle hero in WSR, or still navigating Tall_niki's newspaper? 😃

One important community request was to annihilate companies that resemble “baby traps,” that is companies which attract hundreds of newly born citizens by posting huge wage offers. Once hired, citizens can not work, due to lack of either money or raw materials, and they are “trapped” there because they don't know the mechanics of the game, like the resign option, and ultimately leave the game. A fix for this issue will go live very soon- if a citizen tries to work and is unable to do so due to lack of money/raw materials in the company, all posted job offers are automatically removed and a message is sent to the General Manager.

Have you accessed the eRepublik Wiki page lately? Especially if you are a new citizen, you definitely should do so, because here you can find very valuable pages, like this well-done FAQ. On this page you can learn about many important eRepublik concepts, and also you are provided with links to read more complex individual explanations. You can also read this tutorial, or if you prefer eRepublik media, this excellent one.

Another thing that we would like to announce, is that starting with day 714 of the New World, the price of signing an Alliance will increase from 30 to 100 GOLD. The Alliances signed until then will remain active.We do this modification because right now it is too easy to have 20, or even 30 allied countries (half of eRepublik countries), which is unrealistic and leaves no space for surprises. Presidents will have to choose allies more carefully and prioritize them.

Also, we are currently looking for a Community Officer to join our Bucharest office. More info can be found here. If you know somebody that might be interested, please let him/her know about this. Thank you.

Maintenance Announcement:
Tomorrow, day 708 of the New World, eRepublik servers will be taken off-line for approximately 30 minutes, starting with 05.00 AM (eRepublik time), for a scheduled maintenance.

The eRepublik Team.