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Solidarity with our Spanish brothers

Day 1,885, 05:07 Published in Austria Austria by ZoltanB


Adj Isten!

Sajnálattal halljuk, hogy a spanyol testvéreink és a nemzetközi színpadon a hozzánk legközelebb álló nacionalista mozgalom és sereg a Falange és a Division Azur, meglett TOzva!

Reményeinket fejezzük ki, hogy gyorsan visszaszerzik pártjukat és a seregüket.


Heil Comrades!

We are sorry to hear that our Spanish brothers with who we share the closest views on the nationalist scene, their party the Falange and their MU the Division Azur has been TOed!

We express our hopes that they can quickly recover their party and their military unit.


Hola camaradas.

Sentimos mucho que nuestros hermanos españoles, con quienes compartimos igual punto de vista en la esfera nacionalista, hayan sufrido un TO (robo) a su partido y su milicia, Division Azul, haya tenido que cambiar de nombre.

Queremos expresar nuestros mejores deseos para que puedan recuperar su partido lo más pronto posible.


Viva España y viva el caudillo!

Original article by MagyarHarcos1948



Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,885, 05:09

Irtam a volt Falange elnökének, remélem majd sikerül spanyolra is lefordítanunk.

JoseAntonioPR Day 1,885, 07:37

Thak you! vote, sub and shout!

Soloks Day 1,885, 07:40


monkeyo Day 1,885, 07:41

thx, we will come back soon

Michaelion Day 1,885, 07:50

I propose to form a large political party with all European nationalists. Once we choose a country (I would like to be Spain) get together. (translator)

Thx all, friends.

Cratinus Day 1,885, 07:55

Not a bad idea

Cacadelux Day 1,885, 08:41

many thanks...

Espanolazo Day 1,885, 09:24


csiripapa Day 1,885, 10:15


Harzakc Day 1,885, 10:43

european nationalists. LOL

ZoltanB Day 1,885, 11:00

Michaelion: Or come to eAustria here all nationalist are gladly welcome!

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