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So, You Want to Format Your Articles, Huh?

Day 738, 23:03 Published in Philippines Mexico by Philippine Press Club
This is a Philippine Press Club original article.

Want to add fancy formatting to your articles. Read on to see how.

..::Adding Links::..

Enclose words with [url=url here] and [/url[ to turn them into hyperlinks.

Example: [url=]Become an Affliate[/url[

Result: Become an Affiliate

Pretty nifty, huh? XD

Note: YouTube links don’t work. So won't Google spreadsheet and Google form links. Actually, all Google docs links won't work. Actually, URLs with special characters like # and ? and & others won't work either. They'll just mess up your formatting if you try.

..::Bold Text::..

Enclose words with [b] and [/b] to make those words bold.

Example: [b]romansoldier is a bold person.[/b]

Result: romansoldier is a man full of boldness.

Nothing to it.


Enclose words with [i] and [/i] to italicize them.

Example: [i]I like chicken.[/i]

Result: I like chicken.

..::Underlined Text::..

Enclose words with [u] and [/u] to underline them.

Example: [u]I like your style.[/u]

Result: I like your style.

..::Adding Images::..

Enclose the URL of an image with [img] and [/img] to make it show on your article.

Example: [img][/img]


Note: Only URLs ending with .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png will work. Also, you can’t upload images from your files directly to the article. You must host your image on the Internet, preferably on free image hosting sites like Photobucket, Flickr, ImageShack or Picasa.

..::Changing Font Size::..

You can enclose words with [size=number here] and [/size] to specify font size.

Example: [size=10]November 27, 2009[/size]

Result: November 27, 2009

Note: The default font size is 12, meaning that's how big the fonts in your articles appear without having to specify it.

So, there you go. Easy as pie.

What are you waiting for? Go try them out. See what they do. Make them do tricks. Make them the new Pokemon!


November 27, 2009


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What about one of those funky backrounds?

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