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So Obvious

Day 2,107, 07:33 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by clanky4

At some point that I obviously don't care about erepublik added in national sheilds. To the best of my knowledge they are defensive "Lasers"

Which somehow do about ~5 billion or so damage in any given battle. Even when the battle is not even in your original regions.

Even more Ronald Reagan's laser eyes also show up when it is a resistance war which makes even more sense. Obviously Ronald Reagan should be there when the original owner of the country is trying to regain their country from a foreign invader.

It should be self evident that a smaller weaker country should never be able to regain any of their region since their neighbors will constantly have Ronald Reagan there to deal them a nice even ~5 billion damage. Erepublik obviously is a strong advocate of forceful migrating ownership of other people's things.

Of course all of this, as always, makes the utmost sense. I mean why should the current boarders ever change unless a bunch of people do enough damage to offset RGR lasers of death? It just makes no sense to have the defender have to worry about a little attack of 4,999,999,999. It is just plan silly to NOT have Ronald Reagan Lasers standard in every country.

So obvious,


TeMing Day 2,107, 10:03

so obvious

clanky4 Day 2,107, 11:16


RyuYuki Day 2,107, 18:43

you are right dude.

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