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So againg a bunch of few cents - this time about CTRL

Day 1,720, 14:23 Published in USA USA by Ariakis
Been a long time I actually wrote an article about anything, not just politics, and since my GoW I actually cared about what's going on in e-world not

...but as one of the unfortunate guys that once upon a time spent A LOT of time on this boring game and played in diplomacy I can't just keep quiet. Even if I'm a bit outside of info/rumours/logs and plots channels.

From what I've heard idea was to gather Poland, Spain, USA and Brazil and to create a loving alliance of 10/10 bonuses. I've even heard that ONE got disbanded in the process, but well - since it's just going to be reformed into PEACE v4 it doesn't really matter.

Just looking at the surface of CTRL idea it looks quite interesting: full bonuses, secured borders, new opportunities.

As if...
Well let's take a look at map:
to maintain resources Poland would have to occupy USA and Brazil allies: France, Germany, even Netherlands,
Spain would have to keep South American countries, but apparently no one cares about them and if they are occupied by Portugal or Spain doesn't matter,
USA could keep Spain regions since they aren't relevant or needed for anything by Spain - there's abundance of deers and iron there, but apparently USA has to go to Canada - at least according to Poles and Spaniards,
Brazil is living happily with their resources and if CTRL would be created no one would particularly care about countries that are occupied.

Sounds good, but what next? As for the moment neither Poland nor Spain want to drop ONEish/whateverish MPPs, which leads to conclusion that no matter what formally happens with alliance it's just like in the past.

On the other hand we have Brazil which still keeps MPPs with TEDEN (cept Romania but it's quite understandable) and USA which dropped most of them in the furious invasion for maple syrup and, well, hockey players?

And now we face a little problem: ex-ONEish countries complaining about focusing 99,99% dmg and time on Balkans wants to move some of this focus elsewhere. At the same time keeping MPPs with Serbia and Hungary and probably Bulgaria - which makes like 3 out of 8 countries involved in eternal holy wars. If we add the Country Which Name Shouldn't Be Spoken it makes unfixing the Balkan fixation possible... like snowing in Hell.

At least if USA and Brazil, which due to influence and different time zone are bigger and more painful torn for PEACE v3/4 than European members of TEDEN, would maintain MPPs with TEDEN (or Atlantis v2/3).

Probably as many of you I've seen some screenshots with PMs between Civil and Polish CP Prophet. Can't say if it's true or not, but well...

If USA (maybe Brazil aswell) would actually drop MPPs with TEDEN then of course ONEish/whateverish advantage in Europe would lead to total domination.

That's of course if US or Brazilian leaders would be actually stupid enough to trust Polish leaders or accept the fact that they are about to leave almost all the allies while other two possible CTRL members would keep all current MPPs.

That of course would also lead to downgrading both USA and Brazil into position of secondary states - without allies they'd be prone to not even military aggression, but to political take over. Why bother with invasion and risk dropping MPPs if it's easier to take it from inside? And in that scenario you can always say that those are private pTOers not government ones.

Since well - who would help them when their allies would be most likely occupied and fighting for freedom against Hungary, Serbia, CWNSBS or UK or any other country that would be a "close and dear" ally of Spoland?
Allies which would feel abandoned and betrayed?

Simply speaking CTRL idea could be interesting but only if it would mean starting things from 0 for all of participants. In any other case it will only lead to a second New World Order - state of the world where there are few dominant countries which keep rest under their feet.
Cept the fact that from what I observe the ones that would benefit the most are the countries coming from PEACE/ONE.

Because seriously what are the options for Brazil and USA after securing borders and resources? Mexico? Canada? Indonesia? Russia? Interesting and enjoyable like hell.

What for the Poland and Spain? Baltic countries or Russia, as for Spain after being perma crippled or occupied while being founding member of ONE resources and secured borders are enough.

Rest of Spolish "friends" would most likely win their holy wars without US and BR firepower which should be enough for a while. And what next?

Ask yourself.

And as for United Balkans idea - if CTRL would be a completely new alliance - where all of members would cut their ties with previous allies, then UB would be a funny counterpart. But well - there's too many holishitness between most of countries there and too much countries for the amount of resources in the area to make it possible.


TemujinBC Day 1,720, 14:27


Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,720, 14:30

true story from old wise fag!!!!


Szekspir Day 1,720, 14:33

a dam vote

Kamoris KSC
Kamoris KSC Day 1,720, 14:41

v +s 🙂 o7

Prophet009 Day 1,720, 14:42

This screenshot was one big fake lol, couldn't you look closer at avatars? It is a fake, and everyone except you and Romper can see it.

It is a slander. Shame on you.


Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,720, 14:54

Big alliances are more and more useless in this war module where wars are infinite and regional. Bonuses are the key of everything and countries are fighting in regional wars to conquer bonuses or in RWs to keep those bonuses. The difference in the Balkans is that there isn't an advantage of a side against the other so their wars keep going in useless ping pongs which is seen only a damage drain for countries that want to keep the 10/10 bonuses.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,720, 14:57

And of course Balkan countries want to monopolize the damage of 10/10 countries in order to achieve dominance against their opponents and on the other hand they seek to obtain citizenships because in their native countries the ownership of bonuses is too much unstable.

staruszek Day 1,720, 15:11

An article based on a lie is not what i expected of Ariakis, is a dawn of old fags coming?

mikel_ahone Day 1,720, 15:11

Our only aim is to finish this stupid game and try to fuck Plato as much as possible. You should know it and agree with this : )

Rona1d Day 1,720, 15:25

XDDD so you want the US and Brazil fighting the stupid balkanic war 4ever? Its not a change of side is just leave the balkans war in the balkans and yeap for me is more interesting against Indo,Japan,China,Mexico or Canada, a war against Poland is useless for USA

Rona1d Day 1,720, 15:26

XDDD so you want the US and Brazil fighting the stupid balkanic war 4ever? Its not a change of side is just leave the balkans war in the balkans and yeap for me is more interesting against Indo,Japan,China,Mexico or Canada, a war against Poland is useless for USA

gabberattack Day 1,720, 15:27

Are you still alive? What for?

Rona1d Day 1,720, 15:27

XDDD so you want the US and Brazil fighting the stupid balkanic war 4ever? Its not a change of side is just leave the balkans war in the balkans and yeap for me is more interesting against Indo,Japan,China,Mexico or Canada, a war against Poland is useless for USA

Ariakis Day 1,720, 15:29

Apparently it's hard to understand meaning of underlined text. I'm not deciding if it's true or not, but for certain there are two things that are, well - certain:
if all of 4 countries keep MPPs with their allies then situation won't change
if one of the pairs will drop their MPPs then it will lead to their alienation an domination of other block

Also past 1,5 year reduced Polish credibility into level being way under the 0,so...

Ariakis Day 1,720, 15:33

mikel_ahone: so was the first NWO - guess it didn't work out

Ronald Stevens: if that's the case why don't you and Poland drop MPPs with Serbohuns? Fighting in their kindergarten must be as much boring as it is for USA or Brazil?

And nope - it this game you need to maintain a strong opponent/opponents - when game get too boring you lose citizens, but with someone strong enough to stand against you you have goals to achieve

Prophet009 Day 1,720, 15:34

It is not true, and it is easy to check, but you still are trying to suggest that this may be true.
Is it hard to check some simple facts to verify?

mikel_ahone Day 1,720, 16:19

It didn't work cause we started to do stupid things like adding small countries. We were very close to achieve it, now we have another chance : )

draho Day 1,720, 16:40

cerber wróć i streść

jedimindtrick Day 1,721, 06:55

I sense terrible fear in you...

DeJoT Day 1,721, 08:57

cerber wróć i streść x2

vingaer Day 1,721, 14:35

gabberattack has again spoke our collective minds.

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