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Sneak Peek on Next Year's Development Strategy

Day 1,831, 08:13 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Xyrrath

As some of may already have read in the article about this years Summit organized by Plato Inc.

They promised that they would show next years stuff as a little sneak peek.

Well I might have just ruined your moment because i came allong some documents from Plato Inc with some great updates they made for us. Also I came allong a document called "A Tribute To Plato" wich informed all employee's about an statue that was designed to put infront of their headquarters and that it has to stay a surprise because they wanted to show this to Plato himself on the day of the summit to start the after party.

So here it is please DON'T show this to plato its supposed to be a suprise!



Frankie M
Frankie M Day 1,831, 08:25


Driekske Day 1,831, 10:19

I hope he sees this before te summit

2.D.G Day 1,831, 11:10

Oh god my sides, MY SIDES!

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,831, 18:52

dat picture!

Weekstrom Day 1,832, 00:38

poor turtle...

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