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smeekileaks - Day 2,000 Mission

Day 1,985, 09:57 Published in Serbia Canada by delete this
Goodevening fellow eRepublikans,

To complete the BH mission I see people doing 40, 50, 60 million damage to win 90 strength.

Then I see people spending 200 energy bars to get a CH and win 100 energy bars from the CH mission.

Because I don't plan on spending 50million to win 90 strength from the mission I'm all 🙁, then I think about the Day 2,000 mission and I become 🙂


smee again.

p.s. yes this is trolololo


MaZzA Day 1,985, 09:59


Lord Tinchosss
Lord Tinchosss Day 1,985, 10:00

.donate 😃

krispo Day 1,985, 10:01

True that.

ARGUS CEYX Day 1,985, 10:02


Binda33 Day 1,985, 10:02

You've made me sad now. : (

Mithrantir Day 1,985, 10:03

hahahahahahaaha god show some mercy

delete this
delete this Day 1,985, 10:03

*Plato show some mercy.

Dr_Revenue Day 1,985, 10:04

The amount of idiots in this game and owner's wealth is in direct relationship, that is, they move in the same direction.

Han   Solo
Han Solo Day 1,985, 10:16

"Because I don't plan on spending 50million to win 90 strength from the mission I'm all 🙁 "

Well my friend, I strongly advice you to reconsider your opinion. You see, at the end of the day, str is the only thing that counts. What is the difference between putting 50 millions damage in a battle than to put it for your str? From cost point of view, none. In the first case, the region you fought for, might be lost during the next day or "sold" by some "smart" politicians but in the second case you will remain with that str.

Backoovan Day 1,986, 18:52

Just imagine the amount of cash you (for an example) could have saved while tanking if you just had that 90 extra strenght.
Its just . . .
if you go that way just pay the damn 99 gold and get it over with it would be much more cheap and easy that way.

KillKiss Day 1,985, 14:09

πλάκα πλάκα καλή ιδέα για αποστολή


ketoner Day 1,985, 17:51

same here 😛

cc1432 Day 1,985, 19:19

well yea BH is bearable, Ch is stupid if you fight just for the mission, otherwise i saw 200-300kk CH in the past as well. No big deal.

begozeko Day 1,986, 11:59

130 6220

The Fire Lion
The Fire Lion Day 1,986, 12:51

[Патриоте еСрбије] Редовна подела по 10к7 тенкова + РЕГРУТАЦИЈА

Dupli tenkovi za nove clanove 😃 o7

GreekManiac10 Day 1,986, 14:10


Τράπεζα έκλεψες ?

RomanGR Day 1,986, 14:57

καθαρισει τζαμι δωσει 50Ε αφεντικο παει φαει

panouk Day 1,986, 14:57

kana psilo kai apo dw??
den 8elw polla!! 10k cc! 😛

KarpeMaestro Day 1,986, 17:04

Ako mene pitate ja bih protero autobus ovuda

Allea230112 Day 1,986, 17:11


Molosi Day 1,986, 17:41

have mercy donate some gold, I could really use 🙂

AleksandaR01072009 Day 1,987, 05:14

send me some cc 🙂 🙂 😃

The Dark Soldier
The Dark Soldier Day 1,987, 05:55

with that amount of gold/rsd on profile you miss a point 😃

mikel_ahone Day 1,987, 06:52

Get your 90 strength by making trillions of damage and next day forget to train because you were drunk celebrating your last day "success" = the same strengh as if you had played normally j3

reniaXxX Day 1,987, 10:15

hajs . ;>

mhifzan Day 1,987, 19:20

haha xD plato need money guys. i mean RL money. go get your plasctic card and swipe it until u have non left 😛

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