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Small talk with the President (October 16, 2012)

Day 1,792, 12:55 Published in North Korea China by Kim Will Sing

For the first time, I spoke with MeiFawAn (our actual President).
(via IRC on #NK)

We talk about several topics.

Our relations with eChina

Our relations with eChina are based on the rent of our territories.
The President said that eChina paid 40 Gold each month to use our territories.
The money goes to a secret account that only the president and another person (she refused to tell me who) have access.

She also mentioned that eChina protected us from eFrench imperialism.

Her supports/voters

She explained to me that the people who voted for her were friends in real life.
Among them, some are "two clicks" (they are not very active).
She did not give me any nickname but she told me that some of them were members of her military unit.

Lack of communication

I asked her why she and her friends almost never wrote articles or comments.
She told me they did not like to speak.

eChina as a Natural Enemy

The only reason she made eChina our natural enemy was a mission.

Our Congress

I asked her if she was not shocking that there is no Congress in our country but she did not respond.

As it was late in Japan, she left IRC to sleep.
I hope to ask her more questions. If you have any questions, come on IRC or write your questions in the comments, I will ask her.

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OogieBoogie3 Day 1,792, 13:05

Use that IRC more often. We'll make #NK the official channel again.

Kim Will Sing
Kim Will Sing Day 1,792, 13:09

You're Swiss now OogieBoogie3.

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,792, 13:14

Point being? I'm just retiring from politics and moving to help a few old friends.

I'll be moving back to Pyongan with my Swiss citizenship.

Commander Kim
Commander Kim Day 1,792, 17:13

This just provides me with more questions than answers.

A r a g o r n
A r a g o r n Day 1,793, 04:15

About the questions and answers:

1. This only proves that they are interested in the money ... who gives a s*it about NK.

2. Maybe

3. Then he/she should draw something xD

4. Lie. And he/she will prove this soon ; )

5. He/she knew that the previous said was a lie so he/she run away.

A r a g o r n
A r a g o r n Day 1,793, 04:30

And for Oogie ....

Let us now all go to Poland or China (and use 10/10) but we will still be running things in NK. It's a f*king joke. If you are a Swiss now leave us alone. We will take care of our problems. There are too many non North Koreans who are running things here. A US citizen controls the NK bank and now what? You still want to be in control of the foreign affairs of NK?

Commander Kim
Commander Kim Day 1,793, 06:21

What worries me the most about ALL these answers is that she and only ONE other person basically know where all the money is.

I get the feeling that if she were ever to lose power, she would use the money/gold that she stashed away to buy influence and votes.

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,793, 12:47

It's simple really, I think you are incapable of solving anything. I believe in Kim Young, TurtleShroom, Commander Kim, and even Alan Wong. But with you I see nothing more than a deceiving narcissistic personality.

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,793, 12:48

Also, at Kim:

Drago did the same thing, mainly because you don't know how many people you can actually trust. Drago found out he really couldn't trust Malta when he jumped ship with our treasury. But as for MeiFawAn, her close cabinet members are some of her best IRL friends.

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,793, 12:57

Also, try using the IRC more often. Start promoting it.

A r a g o r n
A r a g o r n Day 1,793, 15:25

First you call the NK society a group of retards and now you suddenly believe in someone ... you change your opinion day by day unlike us who stay here no mater what.

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,793, 18:09

The vast majority of society is pretty incompetent or uncaring. But there are always people who can make a difference, but they need everybody's help.

Ling Chang
Ling Chang Day 1,798, 11:55

We should make alliance with the eBrasil is a country in growing economy in erepublik! I speak Portuguese I can lead this "negotiation"

KevinYu Day 1,833, 17:05

Great article!

I'd like to ask the citizen of this great country, when can I be the leader of eNK?

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