Skies and Frontlines of eUK 'Our Top Fighters' - Interview #5 THE EMPRAH

Day 5,847, 09:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Huey George

Series Introduction

Welcome to the fifth and again maybe final in the ‘The Skies and Frontlines of eUK: Our Top Fighters’ interview series. In this collection of interviews, we hear from some of the UK's current most accomplished tanks and pilots.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new recruit aspiring to join their ranks, these interviews provide a glimpse into the lives and experiences of those who have dedicated themselves to the military module.

The next player to answer this series questions with is THE EMPRAH

At the time of publication THE EMPRAH has reached the Ground rank of Legends of United Kingdom: Ulsters Finest Battalion XIX and Aircraft Rank Air Wing Commander *** with the 7th highest Maxhit (Ground) and 34th highest UK Maxhit (Air).

THE EMPRAH also serves as a 2nd Commander in the Royal Air Force

The Interview

Hey mate!

I haven't forgotten about this message, I just didn't have time to dedicate myself to answering it.

I will gladly participate (:

First Question:

Tell us a bit about yourself. What's your Erepublik journey been like, and what motivates you to continue playing? What aspects of the game do you find most enjoyable and captivating?

I started playing the game back in January 2010 on an invite from a close RL friend.

My e-birth happened in eSerbia (my native country), I had a short stint in Denmark back in v2 of the game, and I moved to eUK in 2011 and have been here since.

Back when I started playing, the game was huge compared to now, it had many more players, and the line between RL and the game was blurred for many. Wars back then had much more weight than now, so it was really fun. But that may be nostalgia talking.

Second Question:

Can you share a piece of advice or an experience where a government scheme or program significantly contributed to your military development and success in Erepublik?

For me, it wasn't so much a scheme but an organization.

Not many now will remember the Legion, but that was an amazing military unit, an army, that I was proud to be a part of.

Being responsible for other players and distributing weapons on a massive scale was something that motivated me to try and develop my account as much as I was able to.

Third Question:

What's the most unforgettable campaign or battle you've participated in during your time in Erepublik?

If we discount those v1 wars, I'd have to say the eArgentinian strike on London. I think that is my highest damage in a single campaign to this day.

Fourth Question:

What are your current objectives and ambitions in Erepublik? Are there any specific goals or milestones you're striving to achieve, and how could the government or community help?

I didn't really bother that much with achievements but my latest goal was to get one of those Top Fighter medals, which I managed to get today.

The next objective is the last ground military rank - Legend XX

Fifth Question:

Are there any fellow players or accounts within the Erepublik community whom you admire or respect for their achievements or contributions? What qualities or actions do you find commendable in them?

There are plenty of players in this game that I very much respect, with you Huey leading that pack (:

The way I see it, honour and reliability are the most commendable traits, both here and in RL.

Closing Question:

Finally, do you have any words of wisdom or motivation for aspiring fighters and pilots in Erepublik, something that could inspire them to achieve success?

It was never easier to progress in this game than now. Use the discounts to max out training grounds, buy EBs when they are on sale, go for as many medals as you can to keep your pockets full and you'll be fine (:

My heartfelt thanks to THE EMPRAH for contributing to this series of interview and providing some amazing answers and my respect and appreciation for what he has achieved in the Skies and Frontlines of eUK.

This is the 5th (and again maybe final) interview of the series. Thank you for taking the time to read this interview.

I may still get some other pilots / tanks to reply to the series questions so keep an eye out for another interview or a different series of interviews

Written and Published by Huey George