Six Tanks and Nowe Make the Difference in Gyeonggi-do

Day 916, 11:12 Published in South Korea Bolivia by Arjay Phoenician

Russian tanks were the difference in the liberation of Gyeonggi-do.

I looked at the numbers for the recent victory by resistance forces in the South Korean capitol region of Gyeonggi-do at Zhunder, and the statistics and graph tell the whole story. A helluva story at that.

Most of the RW’s in the aftermath of the Japanese invasion were rather uneventful affairs, with the South Koreans slowly regaining their conquered regions, some wins, some losses, but those sticking it out in occupied lands were doing what they could. Until the last hour of the RW in Gyeonggi-do, it was no different, with the Japanese building up their wall to over 100,000.

That’s when the Russian tanks rolled in, and when it was all said and done, the wall was down, the resistance defeated the Japanese by over 60,000 damage, and Gyeonggi-do was back in South Korean hands.

The numbers in this RW are absolutely fascinating. All of 36 participants worked to liberate Gyeonggi-do, compared to 135 Japanese and their comrades, but, man for man, resistance combatants caused over five times more damage than the Japanese, 6162 to 1188.

Six Russian tanks rolled in over the last hour and not only won the day for the resistance, but won convincingly.

Derp won the RW medal with 34,225 damage.

This has to be deemed a major setback for the Japanese war machine. At the beginning of this month, the Japanese had shed their Righteous Nation image for the sake of wars for amusement. With a new regime headed by danyeo, a military built by former president Dokomo, and an army of trolls lead by TheReverendSeanV, Japan had transformed from being a sentinel for honor and neutrality to just another country looking to bully its neighbors. After a few narrow wins over one of the smallest countries in the world, the Japanese, largely assisted by EDEN powers like Croatia, took control of the peninsula with five attacks in two days, leaving South Korea a mess, most of her regions in foreign hands, her infrastructure and economy decimated, and most of her people either stuck in Japanese-occupied Gyeonggi-do or seeking refuge elsewhere. Leadership was seen as missing-in-action, and strong criticism filled the vacuum. Japan had figured the war was over, there were even retrospective pieces in the Japanese media. Sure, let the South Koreans whittle away at other regions where only 12 or 13 people live, they’ll never retake Gyeonggi-do, thus they will never restore their country and always remain at heel.

My Dio, did their hubris bite them in the backside, or what?

Over the weekend, South Korean President Peter De LusionisT Bae put the controversial MPP with Russia, the one voted down by the National Assembly, back on the table, and it was approved unanimously. If this move did nothing else but buy South Koreans time to regroup with some degree of security, it was well worth the money.

The suddenness of regaining Gyeonggi-do, however, not only causes this writer to smile in glee for the restoration of our capitol region and for giving the Japanese a dose of comeuppance, but it causes me to wonder what comes next for South Korea. Did Russia send those tanks to the region as a completely benevolent gesture, or are they going to want something in return for their investment of gold and manpower? While I don’t consider this MPP a step toward membership into Phoenix, the fact does remain that we now have two MPP’s with Phoenix members, will other countries start looking at us in this light, or will they see us as a small country just trying to keep the bad guys from wiping them off the map? This has been a war of slow escalation, primarily because the Japanese underestimated people caring about this country, first they attacked with little help, then we got the MPP with Germany, then they got the help of the Croatians, then we got the MPP with Russia; are the Japanese going to continue to up the ante, perhaps summon their buddies in the Brolliance, the United States, to cover their tails if they want to continue to pursue this war of convenience? What started out as a chance for Japan to play bully is turning into their worst nightmare, a war with a superpower; are Japanese who were laughing at South Korea this time last week still laughing?

The six Russian tanks deserve to be on the recor😛


It also needs to be on the record that one of my favorite Japanese trolls, Nowe, fought for the resistance. It’s nice to know that, having cited “Arjay Phagnician” as Reason #3 for the Japanese declaration of war against South Korea in a recent article, he will be waking up this morning under the South Korean flag. Excellent job, Nowe, your countrymen will be proud of you. Because of your efforts, this article will be advertised around the world, and you will be forever known for your actions at our most pressing hour. Fought nine times, did all of 71 damage, less than 8 damage per; it takes a degree of dedication to discard your weapons and just fling yourself against the wall over and over and over again. I think the best part is his shout yesterday:

We let some regions go for congressional elections. But fight GREEN in all the current battles!

Nowe apparently fought red. Job well done.

With less than eight damage per fight, Nowe is the poster boy for Japanese machismo.