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Siddy's manipulations [personal logs]

Day 2,060, 13:15 Published in Slovenia Slovenia by Ice Killa

This article reveals a log regarding Siddy's manipulations and how he was brought to power. He talks about the destruction of ONE. Pretty much he plays with everyone. Slovenia will pursue a course where Siddy will be removed from TWO HQ. Worrying news is Chuchi who was seemingly aware of all this and kept manipulating with allied nations. He is the current minister of foreign affairs in Spain. We cannot undermine the roles of Poland and Serbia in this either.

Siddy is the current Spanish Minister of defense. Meaning he cannot be removed from the alliance circle itself.

Check it out, make up your mind.
The log is in Spanish.

[20:50:12] <Howly>
[20:50:25] <Howly> you can write anything interesting here
[20:50:27] <Howly> as you go along
[20:56:17] <xxxx> 13:38:09: <Siddy> me ha metido, entre otros, Polonia 13:38:16: <Siddy> pero vaya, el que insistio fue strider
[20:56:29] <xxxx> he says that poland put him in the hq of two
[20:56:38] <xxxx> but strider was the guy who insisted
[20:56:56] <Howly> that he is put in the HQ?
[20:56:59] <xxxx> to put siddy in the hq

[20:57:07] <xxxx> 13:39:23: <Siddy> porque ha sido el mismo pierre 13:39:25: <Siddy> quien 3 dias antes 13:39:28: <Siddy> me votďż˝ para el cargo 13:40:14: <Siddy> en cualquier caso 13:40:15: <Siddy> es Pierre 13:40:21: <Siddy> no es nada que me sorprenda de el 13:40:26: <Siddy> en 3 dias estara hablando maravillas de mi 13:40:30: <Siddy> y echando pestes de cualquier otro
[20:57:21] <xxxx> he says that pierre voted him to put him in 3 days before
[20:57:56] <xxxx> he is not surprised about the "change of opinion by pierre"

[20:58:08] <Howly> change of opinion regarding?
[20:58:24] <xxxx> it seems that pierre voted to put siddy in the hq
[20:58:33] <xxxx> and now pierre is against him

[20:59:02] <xxxx> also siddy says that in 3 days pierre will be okay with him siddy and will throw shit at another person
[20:59:31] <xxxx> 13:44:14: <Siddy> pero CTRL fue un exitazo 13:44:19: <Siddy> solo hace falta ver espa�a pre-CTRL 13:44:22: <Siddy> y espa�a post-CTRL
[20:59:51] <xxxx> he says that ctrl was a success, you just have to see spain before ctrl and spain after ctrl
[21:00:06] <xxxx> 13:44:58: <chuchi> tu y Mininuns sabiais de que iba CTRL y cual era su finalidad 13:45:12: <chuchi> y su finalidad se cumpliĂł
[21:00:24] <xxxx> chuchi says that siddy and mininuns knew what was the objetive of ctrl
[21:00:50] <xxxx> and that the objetive was completed
[21:01:01] <Howly> does it say what the objective was?
[21:01:06] <xxxx> no
[21:01:16] <xxxx> i think that the objective was to be friends with usa and brazil to secure their borders

[21:01:48] <Howly> most likely, yep
[21:01:51] <xxxx> because before they were wiped
[21:02:03] <xxxx> 13:47:18: <m60a3tts> querias cargarte ONE y crear tu cortijito, lo primero te saliĂł bien, lo segundo mal y el minino te ganĂł por la mano
[21:02:11] <xxxx> he says that siddy wanted to destroy one
[21:02:35] <xxxx> and make his "cortijito" (don't know what that means in spanish, maybe be the leader or something similar) - maybe he was talking about making it his "apartment" and stay in two with power as long as the alliance is alive
[21:02:58] <xxxx> and also he says that the first part was completed (destroy one)
[21:03:01] <xxxx> and the second part wasn't
[21:03:13] <xxxx> that mininuns was faster than him (siddy)
[21:03:51] <xxxx> i think that he is talking about the power in the hq, that mininuns got the power because he was faster

[21:04:32] <xxxx> 13:55:16: <manpaspal> XenthuS: espera, que manipulo una grafica donde salga que españa pega un 70% por ROLA 13:55:20: <manpaspal> y la liamos xD
[21:05:02] <xxxx> he says "wait, i will manipulate a graphic to show the people that spain hit 70% for rola and we will make troubles"
[21:05:32] <xxxx> 13:56:05: <Siddy> pan y circo 13:56:08: <Siddy> nosotros damos el circo
[21:05:36] <xxxx> bread and circus
[21:05:40] <xxxx> we give circus that is what siddy said
[21:05:55] <Howly> so he intentionally creates it
[21:06:00] <xxxx> it seems

[21:06:10] <xxxx> i don't know in which parts he is joking
[21:06:21] <xxxx> and in which parts he is saying the truth
[21:06:39] <Howly> it's possible he is not joking
[21:07:37] <xxxx> don't know, i have never talked to him so i don't know when he lies and when he tells the truth
[21:08:05] <Howly> that's the main problem when it comes to specific spaniards like siddy
[21:08:08] <Howly> manipulative to the core

[21:14:08] <xxxx> 13:48:22: <m60a3tts> ahora vuelves a la cresta tras el FAIL de tritius, a ver si sale mejor 😃:D:D:D:D
[21:14:29] <xxxx> he says that siddy is now again on the top (that he has power)
[21:14:36] <xxxx> after the fail of tritius (former CP of spain)

[21:14:47] <xxxx> and siddy replied
[21:14:58] <xxxx> 13:48:23: <Siddy> eso ense�an en lerdocochesland? 13:48:48: <Siddy> y eso de que el minino me gano por la mano...
[21:15:06] <xxxx> 13:48:53: <Siddy> ...yo no veo a Colombia en ACT 13:48:57: <Siddy> por mas votaciones que intentase amaďż˝
[21:15:13] <xxxx> siddy says
[21:15:50] <xxxx> is that what you learned in lerdocochesland (he is talking about forocoches, one forum which is the oposition to him as far as i know)?
[21:16:06] <xxxx> then he talks about mininuns
[21:16:26] <xxxx> and that part where he said that mininuns was faster in getting into power (mininuns and siddy don't like each other)

[21:16:56] <xxxx> ...i don't see colombia in act
[21:17:08] <xxxx> even if they keep making rigged voting
[21:17:36] <xxxx> or something like that, so he is saying
[21:18:04] <Howly> as Spain will always veto it?
[21:18:07] <Howly> even if the voting is rigged
[21:18:48] <xxxx> that he doesn't see colombia in act even if they keep making rigged voting
[21:19:01] <xxxx> so he says that colombia will never enter
[21:19:25] <xxxx> that the result will be the same even if it is rigged or not, he is referring to that

[21:20:47] <xxxx> well, also this
[21:20:48] <xxxx> 14:11:03: <Siddy> considerando de que polonia y serbia 14:11:07: <Siddy> se estan insultando por shouts 14:11:08: <Siddy> que importa
[21:20:59] <xxxx> he says that because serbia and poland
[21:21:07] <xxxx> are insulting each other in shouts
[21:21:49] <xxxx> it doesn't matter if you manipulate
[21:22:09] <xxxx> the graphics where spain hits the most

The translator later on added his personal opinion:
[21:23:44] <xxxx> spain will try to leave two with poland surely
[21:24:17] <xxxx> well, not leave
[21:24:22] <xxxx> they will try to destroy the alliance first
[21:24:36] <xxxx> because they "are great allies, they don't leave the alliance"

[21:24:48] <Howly> yep, i was assuming
[21:24:51] <xxxx> of course they are playing for cot at the moment blocking other countries



ketoner Day 2,060, 13:17


Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 2,060, 13:17


Drakantas Day 2,060, 13:17


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,060, 13:18


Aphroditea Day 2,060, 13:18


Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 2,060, 13:19

Euh, this translation is terribly wrong?

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 2,060, 13:21

It can't be badly translated, a native Spanish speaker translated it.

Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Day 2,060, 14:46

A native spanish and he dont know what 'corijito' means??? Jajajaj are you f***ing kidding me?? You talk bullshit, shame on you. You are manipulating with your lies

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 2,060, 14:48

The translator knew what it meant, just wasn't able to translate it into English.

Pablob8787 Day 2,060, 20:30

corijito??? Thers no such word in the spanish i speak 😛

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,060, 13:22

ofc its terrible. Its about you and your dirty plays, destroyer of alliances...

Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 2,060, 13:24

Which dirty plays are shown on this log exactly besides me saying "bread and circus?"

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,060, 13:27

read it, and refresh your memory. and take your country to CoT already.

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 2,060, 13:59

You can translate it yourself. And I'll ask someone to check it if it's correct. Just a suggestion. 😉

Dart Magus
Dart Magus Day 2,060, 13:25


eDarkMind Day 2,060, 15:15

I don´t know, the traslator might be spanish speaker, but i doubt to be from Spain if he doesn´t know in the way they used some expresions (maybe from Argentina?).
" querias cargarte ONE y crear tu cortijito ": Destroy ONE and make your own "cortijo". Make oyur own, place, club, alliance, "cortijo" where Siddy is the one that pull the triggers with his friends. Difficult to explain but something like that. (It seems Siddy didn´t make cause Minimus defeat him).

Lord Juan
Lord Juan Day 2,060, 23:33

Tal vez Argentina? Sabemos bien que es cortijito, no nos echen mierda a nosotros que no tenemos nada que ver, de hecho la Argentina ni siquiera protesta porque España pegue por Chile.

Orzack Day 2,061, 10:11

Lord Juan no te la creess ni tu..... llorale a mami Serbia para que te dejen entrar a TWo

M O R R O N C I T O Day 2,060, 16:43

Please leave us alone and change the alliance. Move to CoT, we don't want you here destroying the alliance.

Minino. Day 2,060, 16:52

Siddy =not Spain

M O R R O N C I T O Day 2,060, 16:55

Spain should choose between CoT and TWO, can't be both. And above I was talking about Siddy - he should move to CoT and leave TWO HQ alone. He destroyed ONE, doesn't have to do it the same with TWO too.

Julio Cavs
Julio Cavs Day 2,060, 18:57

Adhiero yo no se que carajo significa cortijo, es como coger para mi es una cosa y para los españoles algo mucho menos interesante :rotocafe:

Lord Juan
Lord Juan Day 2,060, 23:36

Se entiendo por contexto Julio, en Argentina se usa poco, calculo que tiene el mismo significado: "querías destruir ONE y armar tu cortijito", simple querías destuir ese grupo y rodearte con tus amigos y tu grupito, una camarilla.

Minino. Day 2,060, 13:20

Pillo sitio

AlexMCS182 Day 2,060, 13:21


GregoryG Day 2,060, 13:22

What a surprise!

Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 2,060, 13:23

This log has several parts mistranslated and several others completely cut and taken out of context.

"[21:05:36] <xxxx> bread and circus
[21:05:40] <xxxx> we give circus that is what siddy said" is obviously sarcasm

The rigged voting part was a vote in our congress (in Spainm its congress and not CP decide entry of new members)

And the fact about rigging a charter is obviously a big joke and not even I proposed it

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 2,060, 13:25

Stop making phoney excuses.

WayneKerr Day 2,060, 13:26

oh siddy...

Tittannos Day 2,061, 00:36

Go put a condom over your head, if your gonna be a d**k, dress like one xD

War3hous313 Day 2,060, 13:25


Bad BIue Boys Day 2,060, 13:26

Comment deleted

Strastniot Day 2,060, 13:27


Alexandross Day 2,060, 13:27

Well, goodbye, Siddy!

Tenshibo Day 2,060, 13:27

Nah, Siddy wouldn't do this. Too honorable.


Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 2,060, 13:27

so, this is a log, but exactly where is the part where I manipulate things?

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,060, 13:29

[21:23:44] <xxxx> spain will try to leave two with poland surely
[21:24:17] <xxxx> well, not leave
[21:24:22] <xxxx> they will try to destroy the alliance first

seems legitly not playing dirty, and manipulating things.

Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 2,060, 13:31

The translator later on added him personal opinion:
[21:23:44] <xxxx> spain will try to leave two with poland surely
[21:24:17] <xxxx> well, not leave
[21:24:22] <xxxx> they will try to destroy the alliance first

This is the personal opinion of an Argentinean who mistranslated this conversation.

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,060, 13:32

yes, ofc they mistranslated it. Just leave.

Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 2,060, 13:33

Anyway, this thing you copied is the personal opinion of the translator, not anything that I have ever said

GregoryG Day 2,060, 13:33

I cannot seem to find any Argentinean with the name xxxx Siddy

madridista1991 Day 2,060, 14:16

He is not spanish at least, if he don't know what cortijo means.

Lord Juan
Lord Juan Day 2,060, 23:42

Si claro Siddy, Argentina tiene que ver facepalm:

Hagase cargo, nosotros no tuvimos nada que ver con esto, nos sobra gente que entienda ingles y pueda traducirlo sin problemas, es evidente que acá no actuo ningún argentino.

Queres que te nombre alguna manipulación? Cuando te apuntas no haber dejado que Colombia ingrese a ACT. Así que deja de tirar mierda "medio argentino".

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 2,060, 13:32

A beast put to a corner will do anything to survive. 😉

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 2,060, 13:29

Out with Spain in with Arg

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,060, 15:41

Out with Poland, in with India and we have a deal! hue hue hue

Black..Silver Day 2,060, 13:29

Tired of your alliance? Searching for new friends?
No problem! Call this number 333-3333 in next 24 hours and you will get your, brand new, SIDDY TRAMERO!

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